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Beloved Dear Friends, I am Horrified... Actually.

One wise these NING episodes are a crisis which can really bring good news to all of us, free users of NING.

I was not directly communicaterd ANYTHING from NING directory, but I feel a bit sad with their decision, and the lettar of the young Jason Rosenthal, NING one of the directors.

Actually, I am HORRIFIED.

I wrote them a letter few moments ago, so sad I am, but so hopeful also.

perhaps it is right what Osho states:

every moment of crisis is alsov ery…


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You certainly are a trail blazer Taza....GOOD ON YA!

Question:: I am on to many to count ning sites and many of them either are closing or looking for another way to keep going. So there is confussion in most messages on many a site. Could I refer them ((the multitude of heartfelt beings of Light from all over)) to go onto your new Bing site? --or-- is this just for those from iPeace.?

Also..will there be sections??catagories??? for the people of…


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We are all friends in a way.

My name is swami anand TAZA, I love Osho and NING and all my beautiful friends and fellow travellers.

For this reason I have opened with urgency, a google group to whomever wants to simply CONTINUE relating with other NING fellows.

As far as I have heard rumours, maybe we will not be able for free to continue relating.

I ain't a depressive person, not at all. I love Stephanie, Bill, Ilona and many people here, Imelda...…


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My TV program will be offered to the memory of Mr. President of Poland.

I would like sincerely to offer my program


modestly and humbly to the memory of Mr. President of Poland, the Polish President.


People gather in front of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw to pay their respects to the late Polish president Lech…


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all you need is ... CONSCIOUS ...… Continue

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