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HYMN FOR IPEACE - Love is the Answer

Please, will you have a look on the video concerned, I just learned to compose something in a computer studio. Thank you to all.

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HELL is not here, Paradise is not anger... VIDEOS to share

I just uploaded 2 or 3 videos. One already done, and 2, just right now.
I dedicate the first of the last 2 to Padma in Ohio.
And the last one, in Portuguese, also dedicated to all masters from this world, from yeshua to Amma, from Gautama Buda to Miten, from Girodano Bruno to specially particularly Osho.

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Osho speaks on women - Answer to Jahi


It seems to me that you are truly the first man this planet has ever known who really understands women and accepts them. Please comment.

I have told you that a woman is to be loved, not understood. That is the first understanding. Life is so mysterious that our hands cannot reach to its heights, our eyes cannot look into its deepest mystery. Understanding any expression of existence - men or women or trees or animals or birds - is the function of science, not of a… Continue

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Sometimes I wonder...

I felt honoured, because I love Stephanie, to be invited to write in the 15000 stories.

And one thing is certain: I do have a master of my own.

The point is that one has ALWAYS to be aware WHY he does the things he does.

I woke up in a rompant way... 2 in the morning, terrible problems exist in my family.

Nothing is easy... so easy that one comes with a ready-made formula.

it is horrible.


And why are you lving there… Continue

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Hallo my beloved friends of this very nice place, iPeace.

A world success...!!!

Yesterday, I have been receiving a nice message from this friend Ravishankara, and it was just a great laughter and happiness to receive it.

Laughter is so good, for a serious german-conditioned man as me.

Laughter, says my master Osho, is a healing force, tremendous.

Meishu-Sama, the master of the messianic people, had in new York a place where he received people around 9 in the morning, so… Continue

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Get a new train to California

After this enlightening trip of society, in a good manner to give a nobel to Obama, you can get a train and bet that California will be again a huge salary center for many oppinions world wide. love

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