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the marvelously of a photograph

It is impressive to see your faces here on NING.
I feel very strange to see people which put foolish computermade photographs on their profile.
It is such a disrespect, on our oppinion (we discussed this issue previously).
The most interesting ID card is your photograph, because your photo brings yout uncosncious and subconcious together with it.

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Would you really be so kind to DESACTIVATE this extremely umcomfortable google translator up the page, please?
it is disgusting the effect of upping and downing the page every pop up it provokes.
Thak you
Swami Anand Taza.

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One of the things you can do when you want to learn meditation is to allow yourself to be choosen by a Master in meditation.

There are many masters and you will certainly thin YOU are the one who chooses the master.


Who are you anyway?

You, to choose a master?

Which comptenece do you have for choosing a master.

The reality is quite another.

You will be caught by a net, like jesus catching men instead of fishes.

And you will fall in his net.

If… Continue

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