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TIME FOR HEALING CHEMIACALLY 2 written for Healing International.

The name of our beloved friend here is Julia Danilenko.

She lost a nice human being recently.

My heart is full of gratitude for she exposing herself telling a story full of my intuition called POIGNANCY.

And it triggered me to speak on something - i remind the video THE WOUNDED HEALER did you see it? -

that was afflicting me the most, the lost of my relation in sensuous terms, sexual terms... with someone...

I was wondering WHY to suffer like the =hell= for another, and… Continue

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TIME FOR HEALING CHEMICALLY 1- written to healing International

I will forgive my English mistakes.

I was talking to Julia Korovitchenko, in fact this is not the correct name. But... what's in a name.

I was talking to sweet Julia here in HINT, I sweetly call Healing International, HINT, and I will give you some HINTs.

On something very unusual.

I was telling Julia that if you have sex with someone, and you exchange fluids, as to say, you kiss each other in the mouth, for instance, hte saliva has a lot of chemstry and informations. it… Continue

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the marvelously of a photograph

It is impressive to see your faces here on NING.
I feel very strange to see people which put foolish computermade photographs on their profile.
It is such a disrespect, on our oppinion (we discussed this issue previously).
The most interesting ID card is your photograph, because your photo brings yout uncosncious and subconcious together with it.

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Would you really be so kind to DESACTIVATE this extremely umcomfortable google translator up the page, please?
it is disgusting the effect of upping and downing the page every pop up it provokes.
Thak you
Swami Anand Taza.

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One of the things you can do when you want to learn meditation is to allow yourself to be choosen by a Master in meditation.

There are many masters and you will certainly thin YOU are the one who chooses the master.


Who are you anyway?

You, to choose a master?

Which comptenece do you have for choosing a master.

The reality is quite another.

You will be caught by a net, like jesus catching men instead of fishes.

And you will fall in his net.

If… Continue

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My satwafield life 2

Very strange, I know very well to count.

But seems I forgot the part 2 of my speech.

I wonder why.

perhaps i write too fast.

I became a sannyasin in 1982.

I would love that everybody I love, would become a sannyasin.

In my case I am an Osho Sannyasin.

Sometimes I feel I go berserk.

Many times I feel I am going cukoo, life is a crisis after another. But when it is good and blissful, it is REALLY blissful.

My relation to wom,en is very fast going into… Continue

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Satwa-fileds forever 6

Whe Osho left his body, the physical body, he has told us few days before, that from Germany or USA, he felt, - his physician told us, there was coming black magic against him.

It is certainly possible.

If I send reiki, and good energy to my sister now, or to Carmella, the doctoress, it will be good for them.

But imagine the contrary... a bad idea projected can harm people.

Now imagine...

Oncve a man came to osho horrified. he was searching for physiocal powers, and one… Continue

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Satwa-fields forever 5





There was no reason in fact to all that to happen. But Dr Eliezer Mendes told me once that there used to have a LOT of black magic in music studios in brazil, so much envyum jealous, perhaps that was the reason I started to get mad, those days...,

... I feel a bit… Continue

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My satwafield 3

it was march 76.

I was taken to a Hospital in São Paulo.

Long ago, such a torture was to live here.

It was the apex of repression in this country, politically, and anyway, I was only a man hiper-sensible, sensitive, kardecist (despite I didn't know I was), perhaps eventually spiritualist (despite I did not know that!).

I am enjoying to make it good here, it feels beautiful, it is true and it is good for me and eventually to others also.

Satyam Shivam Sundram Truth… Continue

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Satwa-fields forever 4

I was taken to that hospital, and due to the courtesy of a wrong injection, I lost all the movements of my right arm, can you believ that?

I rarely tell all people in a group, about that.

But it really happened.

My right hand has atrophies, slight atrophies, but I play and sing naturally, just what I can.

I am a survivor.

My German parents, particularly my mother is a terrible neurotic, and unfair, 59% of the awaken time.

It would be great if we could all the time… Continue

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My satwafield life 1

Speaking not so seriously...

My life has been a mixture of nonsense, tragedies, extasis, marvelous things, cold and hot things, and worries after worries.

They also call it a Karmatic life.

One of the biggest troubles of my life is my family.

Many many years, what I wanted was to have ANOTHER one.

Even, being a german from the heart, having been educated in a german circumstance,

I nearly believed I was a german. Indeed.

Obviously, I also remember I have eaten… Continue

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My satwafield life 2

Satwa- fileds forever.

I just Loved John Lennon.

Strawberry Fields Forever was one of the most fantastic of his songs, and now I really feel it totaly disastrous and depressive.

Very low and sad.

As sad is the British Empire, as says Osho.

Osho, a Contemporary Enlightened master.

Nothing is sad as sad is the British Empire after it stopped to be the british Empire.

Some of the Beatles Songs are very sad, very sad, as Girl Girl, or A Day in the Life.

Or… Continue

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To feel ashamed means growing to be sane

When I saw this video about soldiers killing monks in Tibet,


harming wonderous and wonderful people, I wonder how is it possible that people are like this.

And when millions of soldiers are there?

I ask myself: don't they feel ashamed?

Are they gonna get executed if they refuse to be part of that?

Love is God.…


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Passaporte Laranja.pps
I have just opened a book from Osho, the Enlightened master , and found something very significant.
Se if it touches you also, and talk to me, please.

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Passaporte Laranja.pps

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inner child meditation demo track 2

Get your own playlist at…

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I AM SO HAPPY, and searching for an artist.

I wish to contact Mr. Milton Nascimento, a brazilian good and great, well known singer.

I want to offer him a copy of my song SEIS MARIAS (SIX MARYS)

which is this one here...

Get your own playlist at snapdrive.net!
with kind tenderness...

Whomever would like to purchase the whole cd, please let me know. I know now how to… Continue

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HYMN FOR IPEACE - Love is the Answer

Please, will you have a look on the video concerned, I just learned to compose something in a computer studio. Thank you to all.

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HELL is not here, Paradise is not anger... VIDEOS to share

I just uploaded 2 or 3 videos. One already done, and 2, just right now.
I dedicate the first of the last 2 to Padma in Ohio.
And the last one, in Portuguese, also dedicated to all masters from this world, from yeshua to Amma, from Gautama Buda to Miten, from Girodano Bruno to specially particularly Osho.

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Osho speaks on women - Answer to Jahi


It seems to me that you are truly the first man this planet has ever known who really understands women and accepts them. Please comment.

I have told you that a woman is to be loved, not understood. That is the first understanding. Life is so mysterious that our hands cannot reach to its heights, our eyes cannot look into its deepest mystery. Understanding any expression of existence - men or women or trees or animals or birds - is the function of science, not of a… Continue

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