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World Meditation to be Held Around the Globe-Jan 18-23

Dear Family of Light,

Sending everyone special love, harmony and peace from the sacred land Colombia. Much to share in this special time for me, a time to reawaken my promise and live the dream of destiny.

Also a time to remember a very unique man, Prajapita Brahma, the founder of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

We just had a live transmission from Mt Abu, India and it feels as if the whole world was listening....

If you could see… Continue

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Who needs a minute of Peace?

Who needs a minute of Peace?


Your true nature is peace...go within and see the powerful soul u… Continue

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Atam Praksh shares Wisdom and Meditation

Dear Family of Light,

A few months ago we had a great opportunity to share time with an old amigo, powerful yogi and amazing cook--he cooks for 20,000 souls in our Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Mt Abu India.

Here is my dear brother Atam Prakash sharing his wisdom in Bogota Colombia. Marcelo Bulk, translates. Atam lives in Madhuban India and has 35 yrs practice of Raja Yoga, deep sense of wisdom and big open heart.

The light was not the best, but quickest way to… Continue

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Merry Christmas in images and love.

Dear Family of Light,

Many thanks to everyone who shared their love on this Christmas Day.

I wish I could write to each one...but time is on speed control.

What better way to wish u all a blessed Christmas than to share with everyone the wonderful images posted along the way.

My heart is open 4 u on this day, sending loving healing light to all and wishing the Memory of Christ to be alive and well in our life.

Love all, be peaceful and let… Continue

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Prophecy, Last Message- the Kogis warning...

Dear Family of Light,

In time we see the sacred message...in visions we understand the mystery unfold...in dream time, we create the magic 4 all 2 see....open your eyes to a revelation in the making, love in action, peace in our heart and bliss 2 u.

Many years in the making and during this past Solstice have seen the future.

The Mamo's Message is a code of hope, a prayer to wake up and a warning for all nations, the Great Mother talks...

From the… Continue

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Whale Blessings ~ Enjoy Now time

Dear Family of Light,

Hope you all are enjoying this magical day, preparing for Christmas or Jewish festivities, as 2008 slips away. I am in my home Colombia and seeing the wonder of time. The world united in iPeace and timeless codes searching for a place to be. For me the secret is Just Be. Be free 2 play, have fun, laugh, let go and love all. This is the greatest healing and gift 2 the World!!

Enjoy this time we have in now--its the only one we have...present… Continue

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Is Life a mystery or Dream Chemistry?

Dear Family of Light.

A question came to my restless mind.

Is Life a mystery or do we awaken from the dream chemistry?

In the old ways we used to be still & silent, listening to nature and present moment.

There is no tomorrow or yesterday -only memories of the day that went and potential realities of the future. Now ~Time is the only one that counts. Now or Never !

This is a perfect moment 4 u to be present. Receive God’s presence in an… Continue

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Solstice Blessings & New Years Wishes

Dear Family of Light,

Greetings of peace, light and love from the inner heart and the heart of the

world. As the Solstice changes the seasons, we awaken with new reason. What is

the reason you came to earth? Do you remember the promise made to God before you

were born? As 2008 ends make this new cycle and year one where transformation to

Christ Consciousness is the template, a chance to reawaken your mission as

Healers of the World and Stars of… Continue

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