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Losing Hope

I am losing hope increasingly on the philosophy of peace...I believe in it, but hear me out:

People will always be aggressive. They will always want to kill the other man who does them wrong or that they are jealous of. They will try to control more people as a result of their own failures.

I have been listening a lot lately to Peter Tosh's music. He was wise in the sense that he was realistic.

I am aware of the challenges in our world today,… Continue

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Peace in our midst

It will take a long time to get out of this economic downturn. However, steps have been made to get rid of Guantanamo Bay prison, to get out of Iraq, and to get rid of the lobbyists that overtook Washington during the Bush administration. The Obama administration has begun great things. I know, it's only been 4 days. However, its the initial steps that have been taken by the adminstration that have made things so much better. In order to fulfill them, and in order to get out of this economic… Continue

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In these 48 hours, I would like to welcome my friends who have stumbled upon my iPeace page. Be sure to take time to browse the groups that I am in on this network. Enjoy the music and let me know whether you like the site! Peace!

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Better Days Ahead, Happier Times

Our world is in a transition state: some would call it a period of hope. I am certain that we will all survive as ONE PEOPLE. Let's not pay attention to our differences because of this.

You may say that you're in the right

But all you do is fight

Know that the wisest of men stay alive

They love instead of do wrong

No saviors exist in this world

It is a community of the learned who make this world a place of hope

You may think your world is the one… Continue

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Come we go chant down Babylon one more time! To see their dreams and aspirations crumble in front of their face...and their wicked intentions to destroy the human race!…


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Change comes now.

With the election only one day away, people are anticipating whether change actually will come to this country. I'm already sick of this election. I just want the world to live without fear: of the U.S., of bullies, and of corruption in Washington. May peace consume this nation.

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We're Gonna Make It

Jr. Gong says, "Don't you ever give up, dont you ever give in..." and I find his words to be inspirational in the song "We're Gonna Make It." Peace is in our midst, it is within an arm's reach...however, those of you who have not voted yet have done nothing for our cause. November 4th is the last day to make it known that it is peace that we want...and peace cannot be achieved by making war on other countries like it has been in the past in the United States. I want those of you who have not… Continue

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Looking Good for Peace

My brothers and sisters,

It is now a time for change, as it is looking as though Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. The polls show that it is a 49.9 to 43.9% lead over John McCain, who intends to keep U.S. troops in Iraq, to continue fighting and to continue exacerbating the hate for the United States that is already felt throughout the world thanks to President George Bush. The war is expensive: our economy right now has been the worst since it has been since… Continue

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Peace Trains

The song peace train inspired me to write. The world is very vulnerable right now: it is about to change...and I think for the better. With the elections in the U.S. coming up (early voting starts tomorrow), we will see in what direction this country will be taken. I would like to just say that I do not support John McCain solely because he intends to keep the troops in Iraq until "the job is done."

A poll taken by America Online predicted John McCain as the winner by "a little bit." I do… Continue

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Free Speech Radio News- where I get my news

Free speech radio news

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Arundhati Roy (2002)- The Peace Blog

"Last year, like many others, I too made the mistake of scoffing at this post- September 11 rhetoric, dismissing it as foolish and arrogant. I've realized that it's not foolish at all. It's actually a canny recruitment drive for a misconceived, dangerous war. Every day I'm taken aback at how many people believe that opposing the war in Afghanistan amounts to supporting terrorism, or voting for the Taliban. Now that the initial aim of the war -- capturing Osama bin Laden (dead or alive) -- seems… Continue

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My Own Solitude- The Peace Blog

In the face of trouble, I rely on my own solitude. Whenever the world around me seems like it is going to fast, I take a step back, perhaps take 15 deep breaths, and then I go into alkalinosis.

I digress, once I find a place in my head where I can RELAX, I find that any little blurb that presents itself in the face of this craziness makes me laugh a little bit.

Other people, namely those who are aggressive and are pro-violence do not have this solitude. Their answer to any… Continue

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Free Speech!

What rings true to my ears inspires me for a lifetime. When I hear the truth spoken, it is like a melody to my ears. I listen to music that gives me reason. I feel that peace is a viable truth that has been spoken. Too much fighting, too many debts, too much money has been spent on killing people for OIL. Instead of fighting, we should come up with clean energy to use as fuel. Relying on fossil fuels only hurts our planet.

What I feel is in my right is free speech. I would like to… Continue

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Love Conquers Every Soul- The Peace Blog

One day, I would like to have a conversation with a war supporter and tell him that his hope is lost. In the end, love conquers every soul.

What I would tell the supporter is that I am neither a politician or a professor. I am not a general or a CEO. I am a young person who believes that there are better ways at solving disputes other than pulling a gun on someone else's loved ones.

I would not try to convince them in my direction in the least. In fact, I would try to say… Continue

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Individual Mentality and Self-reliance- The Peace Blog

One day a very sheltered person told me that this statement is false because of his religious convictions. I respect his faith. However, I will counter his notion by proving that the statement is true because throughout history, independent thinkers have made it true.

"To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men, — that is genius."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

To be blindly led by groupthink is to be a slave to… Continue

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Loss- The Peace Blog

"It's not a clever enough subject to speak of from a public platform. But what I would really love to talk to you about is loss...loss and losing, grief, failure, brokeness, numbness, uncertainty, fear, the death of feeling, the death of dreaming, the absolute relentless, endless, habitual unfairness of the world. What does loss mean to individuals, what does it mean to whole people, to whole cultures, who have learned to live with it as a constant companion?"
-Arundhati Roy

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Loss, War, and the Brutal Desecration of the Enemy- The Peace Blog

"Yet each person who has lost a loved one knows secretly, deeply, that no war, no act of revenge, no daisy cutters dropped on someone else's loved ones or someone else's children will blunt the edges of their pain or bring their loved ones back.

War cannot avenge those that have died. War is only a brutal desecration of their memory. To fuel yet another war, this time against Iraq, by cynically manipulating people's grief by packaging it for TV specials sponsored by selling detergent… Continue

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Freestyle Dub by Carlos

Feeling irie, with the strength of my hands to survive

No one can take it away, and I revel at those who are jealous because of it

I think in rainbows, because the world has provided for me

A chance to be free, unchained from mental slavery

No guns in my hand will trigger me to save others

With my own unarmed hands will I be able to make this world a better place

With my free speech I will make sure that children around this world are saved from poor… Continue

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One-sided Views and Extreme Patriotism- The Peace Blog

"An inability to see the world in terms other than those the establishment have set out for you. If you're not a Bushy, you're a Taliban. If you don't love us, you hate us. If you're not good, you're evil. If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists."
-Arundhati Roy

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Winston Churchill- The Peace Blog

Winston Churchill (no, he's not for peace...V is for Victory.) That's how the peace sign started. From Wikipedia: "The V sign is a hand gesture in which the first and second fingers are raised and parted, whilst the remaining fingers are clenched. With palm inwards, in the United Kingdom and some other English speaking countries, it is an obscene insulting gesture of defiance. During the Second World War Winston Churchill popularised its use as a "Victory" sign (for V as in… Continue

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