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We Created the Concept of TIME, the I AM MOMENT IS IN THE PRESENT, wake up LOST SOUL NOW!

A lot of words and many truths, but KISS, keep it Simple Stupid.

Our Individual Spirit/Soul, YOU, need to be in the moment, The I AM, Feeling The Heart&Soul of Great Spirit within the TRUE YOU,...

You KNOW, Our Consciousness created Time from Observation...And is an Earth Time, not Mars, Venus, etc.

SEEING the Earth spin around, darkness to light, the Flatland believers found the Earth was Round, and it took… Continue

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The Spiritual Awakening of the Heart&Soul of God on Earth in 2012

Message to Maya, my 2nd new friend at this Peace on Earth Planet website, on Mayan Prophecy for Peace in 2012

Maya, have u heard of the Mayan Prophecy of 2012?
When Angels like ourselves, but who have Incarnated on Planets doing the Will of God, not like this one, which is doing its' own Free Will EGO mind of God thing, are coming back to Reclaim this planet as a Heart&Soul Will of God Planet?

Reincarnation and "Passing On" will replace Fear of Death!

Added by steve leach on December 20, 2008 at 6:32pm — 2 Comments

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