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We could use your support please.

Im just making a short request, the US has had a terrible streak of violence this past few weeks, if anyone out there wishes to send their prayers/good thoughts/energy toward the family of officers killed or injured in Pittsburgh Pa or the large scale shooting in New York it would be greatly appreciated, thats all I can say for now, thanks much.

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you really can do something...

Sometimes its easy to feel overwhelmed by the bad things in everyday life. Its easy to do. But instead of sitting back and feeling sorry for someone just do something small. I used to regret that I am not able to send a lot of money to charities, or go overseas and actually help in person. But there are many things a person can do without even really trying.

Here are some ideas Ive recently experienced:

If you dont litter, cheers to you. If you do, stop!

Take an extra moment if… Continue

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Even as the awful news from Gaza plays on all the news, I am still hoping that this year will bring about huge changes for the better. Tuesday and Bush is out, Obama certainly is a good speaker and an intelligent person, I am daring to believe that at least this, my own USA, will see improvements in the next year.

I cant say I see the conflict in Gaza dying down soon but I am sending all my good wishes/prayers to the victims, and also the the oppressors so that they may realize the… Continue

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Be mindful when shopping

I work in a retail store, behind their jewelry counter, not Tiffanys or anything just a department store. I am aware at this time of year how many diamonds are being sold. I was unaware until recently about conflict zones where diamonds are obtained through illegal and immoral means. It was a huge shock to me that such things go on, people being used as slaves and being maimed to profit these huge corporations! But then there are the sweatshops in all areas of the world that people seem to look… Continue

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I dont watch local news anymore..

I just cant bring myself to watch the local station. I mean, sure the news is bad enough, but intermittently they pause and show pictures of the young men and women who are being killed in Iraq. I saw one the other week, I went to school with him! Oh well, this one isnt dead, just horribly maimed, maybe thats even worse!!!

It sickens me that people are still dying for no reason. I keep seeing these pictures of my tv screen, these vibrant men and women and it kills me knowing they are… Continue

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