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Relationship Sanity - 3 Quick Steps to Peace

Relationship Sanity - 3 Quick Steps to Peace By Nash Mourad

1. Know that the other person will act out according to who you think you are and who you think they are – meaning there is nothing random nor accidental about their behavior or your relationship. YOU are, therefore, the cause of what you experience - accept this.

2. To change, therefore, what you experience with the other from conflict to… Continue

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The Power of Innocence (Fast Track for Peace & True PeaceMakers)

The Power of Innocence (Fast Track For Peace & True PeaceMakers)

The following article assumes that the reader desires to experience inner and outer peace. My purpose in writing this is to provide a 'fast-track' answer to satisfy that desire - to tell you, in quickest terms, how to have what you desire. Although the short answer is forgiveness, most people think this means that first you make someone wrong, guilty or blameful, then you, the perceiver of the wrongness/guilt/blame,… Continue

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Labels - Their Role in PeaceMaking

Labels - Their role in PeaceMaking (book excerpt)

Labels are a choice, not a fact. Recognized as such, they can have no role in peacemaking. Among those, therefore, who purport to be about peace or peacemaking, ceasing the use of labels only makes perfect sense. If you still have doubts or want to understand more, keep reading:

(1) Is there agreement that the use of labels to identify people may foster experiences of separation, inequality, confusion, misunderstanding,… Continue

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How To Understand Peace

To understand peace, it seems to me that it may be helpful to have clarity on what it is not first:

* Peace is not about personal or collective security.

* Peace is not about ownership of your spouse, your mate, your employees, or your children.

* Peace is not about ownership of your home, your land, your cars, or your business.

* Peace is not about inequality.

* Peace is not about labels.

* Peace is not about levels.

* Peace is not…

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How a Woman Can Change The Way She’s Seen by a Man

Being Reflectively aware

Prompts an inner stare

A view into you where

Your options glare

When you recognize that everything you are encountering is a reflection of your own state of mind, each of change, healing, and full appreciation becomes a real possibility.

The nature of existence then is reflection. Herein lies a critical step in recognition. Recognition facilitates awakening.

hint: there is no such thing as soul mates, groups of… Continue

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How To Effectively Mislead and Confuse Others

1. See anyone or anything as less than or more than you.

2. See anyone, including yourself, as anything other than completely innocent.

Both power and control are mythical/fictitious ideas. These concepts can only exist in a mind convinced that inequality is truth. If inequality is untrue, then how can power or control be possible as tools?

But, what if you still see yourself in a position of responsibility for others?

1. You are confused.

2.… Continue

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How to Push Joy Out of Your Life

1. See anyone or anything as less than or more than you.

2. See anyone, including yourself, as anything other than completely innocent.

note: following either or both of these two steps will also foster experiences of confusion, endless questions, conflict, anxiety, depression, a pendulum like existence, complete instability, self-loathing, distrust, and a serious identity crisis.

note2: following these two steps, you will likely be magnetized by… Continue

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Illness - The Power Trip

Being ill is a choice. It is also a defense, but against what?

You bring illness to yourself when you are afraid to know yourself - so you're defending against self-recognition. Some aspect of you is calling out your attention - essentially to remind you of who you really are - yet, would you run for cover instead of sitting still a moment? Fear that you might discover something about you that you don't want to see pervades sometimes so profoundly that it may even seem like you're… Continue

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How To Locate Your Twin Flame

You can't locate your twin flame because there is no such thing as a twin flame.

Every match is made in heaven. Every encounter, even the most trivial, including this correspondence is made in heaven. "Heaven' is the state of mind that intimately recognizes/accepts that the universe is always and in all ways conspiring in one's favor. All brothers and sisters are equally important. And, there is nothing accidental or random in what 'is.'

I have tried to explain through… Continue

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How To Reasonably Expect War

1. See yourself as anything other than whole, perfect, and innocent.

2. See anyone or group as anything other than your equal.

If you meet either or both of these two conditions, you can reasonably expect to see and experience confusion, conflict, and war in your life.

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Within The Movie

Within non-dual awareness, one understands that seeing through one’s physical eyes returns the movie-like projection of separation in an innumerable set of forms.

Thoughts equal cause. Experience equals effect. There is only one being. It is comprised of one thought. That thought is love.

The body itself then is merely a projection (effect) and not the exclusive entirety of anyone. The illusion of the body (as self) is one of identity and it is essentially made through the… Continue

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Physical Attraction

What about physical attraction?

The wish for the magical relationship, in the US anyway, is often referred to in the form of a casual question: "Is he the one? or Is she the one?"

There are lots of traps in the thought pursuit of “the one.” Even if you are not chasing “the one” but something less dramatic and more casual, it really makes no difference, fiction remains fiction.

Why? Because the entire pursuit assumes that you need something which, in and of… Continue

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Social Networking Buffoonery

So, you've had an epiphany or ten? Perhaps you sat with your yogi, your bible, your guru, your koran, your starseed, your torah, your zohar or chose to see a sign of some kind?

It doesn't matter how, but somehow you've figured out that you're part of the one. You may not even say it so profoundly yet but it matters not, because you're beginning to recognize that people are part of you, that they're the same as you, that they are your equals - and that the word "they" (referring to… Continue

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The Sacred Nothings

You can accept insanity because you made it, but you cannot accept love because you did not. The biggest fear humans have is not of fear itself, but rather love.

And, how do they express this fear? With a set of fanciful histrionic-like interest in this or that fairytale WITHOUT seemingly ever taking a moment to ask self with openness (that means without your past or future), why? Why do I believe this? What is the belief in this returning to me? What was I missing that seemed to… Continue

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The commodity more often traded than any other on Earth is not money, not oil, not even insults though we're getting close....let's go just a bit deeper....ready?

it is GUILT (aka blame) and this and this alone is at the root of Earth population's state of stressed-out, confused exhaustion....

...seeing self and others as innocent then relieves this stress and opens the mind to inner peace....

This recognition is a crucial step in reawakening. The… Continue

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She never uses the word "should."

She is innately aware that she and he are not separate - therefore, he will reflect how she sees herself.

She accepts him as perfect, innocent, whole and complete. She can only do this if she sees herself that way.

So, she loves herself.

She is grounded in acceptance, gratitude, and love.

While the world churns and turns, she remains centered and at peace.

She complains about… Continue

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She Danced

She Danced

There were days when she played

There were days when she cried

Her emotions have bled her but she wasn’t ready to die

She wondered for years why the pendulum must swing

To the left, to the right, her longing for her king

Where is he, what happened, where did she go wrong?

Each and every day, is she bored yet with this song?

But back then, she wouldn’t consider the simple, the light.

No,… Continue

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The Committment to Fiction

The Commitment to Fiction

The degree to which you are committed to your stories of the seeming past is equivalently the degree to which you choose to obfuscate now and constrain your future.

It takes a willingness to “let it go.” History cannot repeat itself without your efforts to make it repeat. And your efforts are merely that upon which you attend...aka the focus of your thoughts.

If it seems difficult to unlock or change your thoughts, don’t condemn… Continue

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Afraid, Says She

Afraid, Says She

Afraid, says she…what is this meaning?

I must be the judge of out what I’m seeing

Trust yet again placed upon her intellect

She remains in control, the one to select

Between this man and that one, she picks the cast

The mission always to improve upon her past

Caught on she has, to many forms of the game

But, does she see that hers are the same?

But, on with her insistence, declaring the differences… Continue

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