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Jonathon Porritt - An Astrological Sketch

Jonathon Porritt, a world-saving hero of mine from the time he first came into the public eye, has had an eventful eclipse week: two near fatal cycling accidents, and a career change.

Born in 1950, this has been the year of his second Saturn Return, and Pluto is coming up to an opposition with his natal Uranus. But this particular week, as well as the eclipse, transiting Pluto has been exactly square to his North and South Nodes.

He’s a Cancerian Sun sign with a sensitive… Continue

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Bush Senior and Bush Junior - A Karmic Cycle

The story of the two Bushes is not a new theme, and has been chronicled and analysed by Astrologers over the years. With troops being recalled from Iraq, it seems that the karmic cycle which began when the North Node left Aquarius and entered Capricorn at the time of the First Gulf War (late 1990, early 1991) has come full circle round the zodiac. The three main characters of this karmic tale are the archetypal villain Saddam Hussein, the elder President George H. Bush, and his son George W.… Continue

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North Node enters Capricorn - Intro

The North Node, which represents the karmic tone of the period, now stands at O degrees Aquarius in the process of moving into Capricorn, as it moves backwards. It spends approximately a year and a half in each sign, and the shift is due to take place over the next two months. The Mean North Node enters Capricorn on Sunday 26 July, and the True North Node on Friday 21 August. If you have planets or angles (such as your Ascendant) at O degrees of a sign, there is likely to be a significant… Continue

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