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Pluto in Capricorn - The Ascendants

You’ll need your Ascendant for this! To recap: Pluto goes into Capricorn today, for a 15-year stint. It’s a new phase of life for many of us, and a deeper focus in the house which Pluto has been occupying in your chart, and may occupy for a few years yet.

Ascendant in ARIES: To the extent to which you see yourself as a Philosopher you must now walk your talk. You may have been playing a joyrider, and need to become a legitimate driver.

Ascendant in TAURUS: The shift in… Continue

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Pluto in Capricorn - Sun Signs

Pluto the long-stay planet is parking itself in Capricorn from Thursday 27 November. Here’s a guide to the psychological slant for each sign:

Aries - The pace of Pluto in Capricorn won’t suit the energies of Aries, which likes a quick fix. Try to keep your creative fire flowing in ideas and new projects, and hope others will pick them up. If you are a Life Coach for an Aries, advise them they will need to develop patience over the next 15 years. Gradually they will learn to follow… Continue

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Pluto in Capricorn - Prep

Pluto re-enters Capricorn and takes residence there on Thursday 27 November for 15 years. It is time to look at how it is affecting us. The transit of Pluto affects us globally, but collectively is made up of our own individual experiences, and we need to pay attention to our own Pluto principle and function, which is basically our whole psyche! Look at your whole psychology and lifestyle now, and get a sense of what might need to be released or revamped. For one of the mantras of Pluto in… Continue

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Barack Obama

A new US President necessitates a new blog. I haven't written any analyses of his chart yet, because I have been hedging my bets. So please forgive and excuse anything you may have read ad nauseum in other astrological blogs about the man. Sun in Leo in his chart represents his power and charisma and the influence of the dreams of his father. Different birthtimes were mooted over the last year for him, and Astrologers settled eventually for 7.24 pm (4/8/61, Honolulu). This gives him an… Continue

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