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Jupiter cusping Aquarius and Pisces in Snowy U.K.

With a minimum of apsects this last week the U.K. ground to a halt because of snow. For every statement, there is an equal and opposite statement, and the Guardian this morning disagrees, saying “a glance at motorway webcams yesterday showed the roads running freely” so it does depend on your perspective and your mode of transport. But, schools and factories closed. Earnings were lost. Travel was severely restricted. However, in some ways the less is happening the more is happening. It is… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 29 November 2009

Signs that Saturn in Libra is well under way are former leaders being brought to book (Saturn) for war crimes (against Libra sign of peace). Tony Blair, who natally has Mars (the mythological God of War) on his Ascendant, is being scrutinized for his part in the Iraq war. Meanwhile the former Bosnian Radovan Karadzic (bizarrely turned New Age healer, with natally a squaring Sun distorting Chiron the planet of alternative healing) re-starts his trial in the Hague in March 2010. Saturn during its… Continue

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Saturn in Libra - Karmic Dilemmas

“Ahinsa. Non-injury, or harmlessness. The chief social virtue in yoga philosophy.”

~ Ernest Wood

Saturn, one of the Lords of Karma, enters Libra the sign of Peace and Harmony on 29 October, and raises a new set of issues for us collectively, a new focus. The purpose of Saturn is to highlight our blocks, so that we can work on liberating ourselves from them. Can Libra glide along on niceness alone? Does that work karmically? Librans are lovely, but Saturn may require them… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 11 October 2009

The main event of this week is that Jupiter turns direct, and the main event of the run up to Christmas and the New Year is the square between Saturn and Pluto in the middle of November, part of the emerging T-square in early Cardinal signs with Uranus. See the work of Financial Astrologer Raymond Merriman, who has been writing about this for years and calls it the Cardinal Climax. Early next year we have the final onward-and-upward push from the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron. In… Continue

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Uranus opposite Saturn - 3rd Phase

A new world order was ushered in on November 4 last year when President Obama was elected by the American people desiring real change, on the very day of the first Saturn-Uranus opposition. If there is such a thing as a world horoscope, this was a defining moment in relation to it. There are 5 passes altogether for this stand-off between two planetary giants: a duel between Saturn which holds the structure until the time is right for Uranian liberation. The second pass of the opposition took… Continue

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Jonathon Porritt - An Astrological Sketch

Jonathon Porritt, a world-saving hero of mine from the time he first came into the public eye, has had an eventful eclipse week: two near fatal cycling accidents, and a career change.

Born in 1950, this has been the year of his second Saturn Return, and Pluto is coming up to an opposition with his natal Uranus. But this particular week, as well as the eclipse, transiting Pluto has been exactly square to his North and South Nodes.

He’s a Cancerian Sun sign with a sensitive… Continue

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Bush Senior and Bush Junior - A Karmic Cycle

The story of the two Bushes is not a new theme, and has been chronicled and analysed by Astrologers over the years. With troops being recalled from Iraq, it seems that the karmic cycle which began when the North Node left Aquarius and entered Capricorn at the time of the First Gulf War (late 1990, early 1991) has come full circle round the zodiac. The three main characters of this karmic tale are the archetypal villain Saddam Hussein, the elder President George H. Bush, and his son George W.… Continue

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North Node enters Capricorn - Intro

The North Node, which represents the karmic tone of the period, now stands at O degrees Aquarius in the process of moving into Capricorn, as it moves backwards. It spends approximately a year and a half in each sign, and the shift is due to take place over the next two months. The Mean North Node enters Capricorn on Sunday 26 July, and the True North Node on Friday 21 August. If you have planets or angles (such as your Ascendant) at O degrees of a sign, there is likely to be a significant… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 21 June 2009

Happy Summer Solstice! Just after dawn in the U.K. the Sun entered the sign of Cancer, and summer became official. The Part of Fortune today is in the 12th House, which denotes that it is the inner process which will bring you joy today. At lunchtime, Venus will be conjunct Mars, and the inner alchemy between the expression of male and female can be glimpsed, or experienced. Whatever you are hoping for today, the inside story is crucial. The outer dance always flows from the inner dance. If the… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 24 May 2009

How is it going? You are in the middle of the influence of the triple conjunction, now! Two news items stand out for me this week, out of a few contenders which illustrate breakthroughs arising out of the union of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. The first is scientific: research has shown that people with Down syndrome do not develop certain types of cancer because of their genetic make-up, which apparently brings up new avenues for finding anti-cancer therapies. The other story is… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 17 May 2009

The story which has dominated the last week in the U.K. has been the publication of politicians’ expense claims, across all parties. Not that we are not used to scandal (one politician at a time, please), but it is the shock of finding how low politics (Pluto in Capricorn) and politicians (Saturn reaching its furthest point of retrograde) can sink. Neptune and Chiron are square to the Sun today, so we are looking the scandal in the face and we are in a deep-seated crisis. We are at a point of… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 19 April 2009

Much of the action this week involves Mars, Venus and two of the signs which they rule (Aries and Taurus). So it is a week that may highlight the roles of the sexes, how they can adapt and interchange, and gender issues generally. Within each person, the sexual subpersonalities will be interacting meaningfully this week, too, e.g. your inner male may need to support your inner female, or your inner female may need to evolve into a peaceful warrior. This week is a minor round, and a step towards… Continue

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Each person or thing has a place in the divine plan

Each person has something unique that no one else has

Therefore do not dismiss anyone

No one can make himself bigger by making another smaller

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 15 March 2009

Mars entered Pisces in the early hours of this morning (for the UK, late the previous night for the US). The high-spirited idealism of Mars in Aquarius gives way to the true service of Mars in Pisces. The story which leaps out from the pages of the Sunday papers this morning is that of Mohamed Nasheed, the President of the Maldives, leaping ahead on climate change, announcing plans to achieve carbon neutrality for his country in a decade. His words are: “Climate change is a global emergency.… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 8 March 2009

Last week I mentally filled several notebooks about the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at the end of May, but in the end have distilled into one recipe (see accompanying blog). I hope to add further blogs on the subject, but in the meantime let me know if you have any probs with the execution, such as finding the ingredients, etc. Always happy to help, when I am not manning the complaints section of my Customer Service desk. Can get a bit stressed then…which brings me neatly to… Continue

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Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction - Recipe

Description: A giant souffle, needing careful preparation

Serves: All humanity, but can be prepared for one, or any number

Time for preparation: until the end of May 2009

Oven temperature: yes it is warming up


An uncluttered kitchen or workspace

Hope (Jupiter)

Compassion (Neptune)

Openness to healing (Chiron)


Listening skills (to your own needs, to others and… Continue

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Love and Peace Aspects for the week beginning 15 February 2009

If Valentine’s day came and went without a declaration from the object of your affections, without wishing to raise your hopes unduly the card may still be in the post. This is not due to any retrograde motion from Mercury, but the fact that Mars is still chasing Venus for a sextile and will get there in a few days, Jupiter also sextiles Venus this week, and the much-hailed conjunction of Mars and Jupiter is still to come this week. As for the Moon in the 7th House, this happens once a day… Continue

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Barack Obama and Gordon Brown - An Astrological Hope

The approach that Barack Obama outlined to the world’s problems could be adopted by our own Gordon Brown, here in the U.K. That could come about if Gordon were to raise his game in alignment with the principles expressed by the new U.S. President in his inauguration speech: “On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.”

This inauguration and new era seems like the answer to prayers that a new breed of politicians could… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 11 January 2009

This week all the action is almost over before it begins, which will suit those who favour stillness…The Full Moon in Cancer happened in the early hours of this morning. The Cancerian Full Moon is one of the most emotional and fullest of emotional experiences throughout the year, and the last few days have seen emotional tension on the rise. Today you may be wondering “what was it all about?” but feeling relieved and released. Much of the emotion may have been about family dynamics, or centred… Continue

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Jupiter in Aquarius - the Lighter Side of 2009

The heavy economic and social outlook predicted for the coming year is in line with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition and Pluto’s recent entry and long-term stay in Capricorn. We can all see where things are going on a material level. But life is about the interplay of the material and the spiritual, and Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius on Monday will go some way to offsetting the material problems by bringing a resurgence of the human spirit and understanding. Last year we saw the triple… Continue

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