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Art4TH Video Zine for December features music, art and more!


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The average age of a homeless American is 9 years old

I was homeless at ages 9-11 and also after katrina and rita. my passion in life is helping the homeless shelters and organizations through art. Please watch the Art4TH Video embedded below to see for yourself what is happening in this rich… Continue

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Art4TheHomeless to have online fundraiser to raise $$ to become nonprofit

Art4TheHomeless wants to become a legal nonprofit organization and needs the money to pay the filing fees of the article of incorporation with the GA Secretary of State and also getting the business lisence.

On August, 28th, 2009 Art4TH will kick off a two week long online fundraiser to raise the money one dollar at a time.

That simply means were accepting donations of $1.00 only!!!! If 100 people donate $1.00 then Art4TH will have enough to take that first step into… Continue

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We have been selected as a finalist in the Impact Awards VOTE FOR US!

Walk It Out Fundraisers is made of two authors who are going to walk from San Fransisco to San Diego to raise money for homeless shelters/organizations and victims of domestic and child abuse.

We have been selected as a finalist for the Impact Awards and we need at least 300 votes to make the lead.

You can vote for us here at

Art4TheHomeless, an organization that uses the arts to help homeless shelters, will… Continue

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Someone pretending to represent FedEx tried to scam me and I showed my evil side

Yeah I check my inbox and there were two messages from FedExOnline saying that I had a package. So curious, I opened up the email. This is what it said:

You have a bank draft deposit of$800,000.00.

Awaiting the outstanding payment of $180.00USD.

So I did hehehe.

I changed the subject line from "Package Delivery Notification" to "Homeland Security Auto-Response" and wrote them:

Thank… Continue

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Something fun: I have an artificial intelligence version of a twin

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Will you tell me what you think?

Art4TH just opened up a LULU Shop that sells EBooks. The books are going for $0.75 and I am asking you to review one of the books, Frozen Autumn which has 3 poems and 4 images. Two of the poems are by a good friend of mine, Samantha, and the other one by me.

I also want to let you know that I am looking for writers and visual artists to participate in the EBook sales. $0.56 of each sale will go into a PayPal account until $50 is accumulated and then 5 shelters will be picked by… Continue

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New Art 4 sale all profits go to aid homeless shelters in the US!

James Weisbeck donated this image of an old cabin. I love this photo it's totally cool. I put the copyright in his name of the front of the image and put a little tid bit basically saying that James donated the image to Art4TH and all profits go to help homeless shelters in the US!

One card costs $2.76 and right now has a huge promo going: If you buy $55 or more, you will receive a $10 Gift Card which is pretty sweet! All profits made will go to help homeless shelters in… Continue

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Hi world, my name is Johnna. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am 26 years old and I have been homeless countless times during my childhood and adult life. I am now an advocate for the homeless by using my art and web skills.

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