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This is what I have to say: practice quiet. Stop chasing your tail and substituting dizziness for natural ecstasy. Also: discipline yourself to move slower and sometimes to be still. Look, listen, feel—then think about what you are gathering.

Practice silence, but as part of being alert. Be subtle and be sensitive. Then when you know it is time to give your soul expression, be as definite as rolling thunder. Do not fear the storm of compassion denouncement. Such is in quest of…


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Any control or even reform of guns in society is significant.  But in the bigger picture and fuller dynamics, we are a society and culture of violence, greed and multiple addictions.  Gun control is a step, but only a step, a starting point, in a long and challenging process.  The process to move on needs democratization.  The American people need to become involved in the dynamics of committed, diligent compassion.  The…


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Come—and we shall go down to the sea and the seashore and call it Sea of Galilee although it can be any sea and any shore anywhere and we will gather there spontaneously by the hundreds and thousands and hundred thousands to listen to the world-wind and speak in payer as a communion to the rising water the salted amniotic fluid of ancient earth life and the fishermen shall bring fishes and the bakers bring bread… Continue

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LIFE IS A DESIRE, NOT A MEANING: an addendum to “On the Foundations of Green Acting”

Life is desire to create life, to proliferate, to be alive; to encroach upon nothingness and to exceed beyond death. Meanings are variables. With a disposition of openness meanings remain questionable—Socratic. Because we endanger life when the imposition of meaning becomes extravagant and overruns the vital dynamic of desire.

For example:… Continue

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RE GENESIS - for Jean Houston

Here we are

between renaissance and oblivion

feeling the pendulum swing

set in motion by many forces…


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Today we hear about the violent Earth—eruptions of fire, rogue waves, tremors, quakes, mega-storms, speeding walls of ocean water, weather like a rampaging berserker. But we accept without question the violence of humanity. We do not know this Earth as experience, in relationship, anymore than we know God as an authentic and intimate relationship-experience. For most, Earth is not a living truth but a warehouse of… Continue

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