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Life Cycles

trial by mirror

delving deep into myself

forging a story

masterful silence

glinting diamonds of wisdom

appear from nowhere

tentative whispers

sounding off inaudible

to anyone else

firmly spoken words

spewing judgment & disdain

for both you and I

shouted epithets

screaming daggers of insults

at all who can hear

confused emotions

entangling Love & Hatred

in unspoken words



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A Bottle of Smirnoff & 40 Pills (poems)

long ago i used to be like you  

until i died i was human too  

but a bottle of Smirnoff and 40 pills  

cured me of all your ills  

i took my own life right around Christmas  

with sleeping pills & some antidepressants  

28 of the former and 12 of the latter  

20 shots of Smirnoff, maybe  

but does it even really matter?  

she called 9-9-9 as i went to sleep

And drifted off into the strangest of…

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The Sistine Chapel (Is it 5-D or 6-D?)

Entering the Chapel

from its rear

as you are supposed

to you walk into

a 6-Sided room

surrounded on all

sides by only Part

of His Life's works

and you See the Story

of this Planet Written

in so many Creative

ways all Around you

its Angels & Demons

its Secrets & Truths

its Love & Treachery

the Five Dimensions being:

above, in front, to…


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