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Nature's Stare

you see me before i see you

you walk up close, so you can be near me

slowly, tentatively- eyes on me

watching, wondering, worrying what

you stop- just out of reach- eyes locked

still, timid. finally i turn around

to notice you there, waiting

gazing, worried still what

i stop smoking for a moment

to turn around and stare back

i know you don't like it when

i move too fast. i turn... gradually

squared, eyes locked only… Continue

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Re: Kenn-Aid-ian Dreams - Lost In Place, Not In Time (VI, VI, VI x 3)

in a Kenn-Aid-Ian Dream

i see ahead of me

the words i wish

to wear to lead

you where hearts care

lucidly lending Love

faith, help and health

familiar with family

all around

this place

not here

somewhere else

where hearts care


Manchester, Lancaster, London,

St. Helens, Glasgow, Dublin,

Toronto, Ontario, Alberta-

a place where

people wear a healthful


for hearts are

and hearts… Continue

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Societal Indifference

Society is, I will is, I am diabetes

(I will make it)

Through stone and age

I am the result of the cause all natural

Are you? Be not the result of the cause...

Be "diseases"

(Television, video games, alcohol, etc....)

That supposedly

And only supposedly

Not supposedly





They are the aftermath of frequency

Frequently over-indulgent

In evil

Evil IS

I am S.A.R.S.

You... I.. I… Continue

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Filing Away...

sorely missing someone unfamiliar

last i knew her, i was her teacher

forever ago, it seems, but only a few years

all blurred together by multiple beers

for the most part; vodka, some wine, too

and i forgot to mention i was sober a few

months- twenty, precisely- thanks mostly

to nearly losing it all and amidst insanity

finding me- girl, dream, job, even (nearly)

gone for a bit to get the help i needed

clarity coming back-… Continue

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Poetry In Motion

walking now- slowly.

tentative, tense...

feeling my way..

along. in the cold,

it's hard to feel,

so i look.

at night,

it's hard to see,

so i listen-

loosening up,

i pace myself

more appropriately.

leaves crunching

comes faster-

open road ahead

accelerating, aloof

alternating- attentive.

breaking into a

run i start to

feel. cold air

rushes past as

lights ahead pose

against… Continue

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A Writer's Insecurity

pouring my past out onto paper

with due regards, i'll finish... later

wasting time applying myself

cigarettes in between, wasting health

wondering and worrying worthlessly

whether all of this is just pointless

writing, that is- pen in hand-

or if i just run some kind of scam

believing that others want to read me

i think if they do they may just see

a way to avoid winding up like this

stuck, waiting- i wasted all of it

the job, the… Continue

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Relapse [Pt. XXi]

Morning ‘Fix’

tourniquet taut, trapping air

blocking escape, breathing impaired

speaking shakily in early morning

before i drink. my family warning

wondering why i would do this to them

or myself, for that matter, why i don’t stem

this disaster- i can see it looming

so i take a drink- when drunk it’s roomy

trapped here, alone, in this vicious pattern

by my own will, daily being battered

beaten and broken- how do i get myself… Continue

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A Memorable Escape [Pt. XX]

through every story encountered

whether spoken, papered,

digitized and / or illustrated

based on 'reality'

or entirely fabricated

any story IS these three things:

what it says, what it means

and what it means to me

if language comes from Nothing

and everything- in fact- the same

then we have Nothing

but our stories and memories

this 'reality' of story & memory

is what we must escape

by returning to them- to

our… Continue

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A Health-Full Reconsideration... [Pt. XIX]

Intentional Evasion of Purpose (I.E.P.)

razing landscapes

taking hostages

an homage- here is to

paper-cut pirates

profiting pointlessly

pandering tirelessly

to congress

this prophet portends


dangling the fine print

of fine edges

as we teeter perilously

tottering, tormented, tortured


pointed phrases

provided pragmatically


to stitch pharmaceutically

unnecessary… Continue

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An Addictive 'Reality' [Pt. XVIII]

Indoor Motion Sickness

though it may seem to you my hands move with a quickness

i swear i'm coming down something fatal- a sickness

not from H1N1 swine flue... no... but it feels something of that nature

i am certainly no doctor, so i could not tell you the nomenclature

i believe it comes from being trapped- inside- no fresh air

i see home, but where is dad? on to his next meal? i don't care

hypocrisy is all i feel- i look around; he's drowned-… Continue

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Working Overtime [Pt. XVII]

Committed #2 (Tsch's Number)

one last poem before i go- i feel home already, so...

leave me your number- i will call you back sister

friend, i AM your brother and me being here a show

committed of my own free will so drugs no longer blister

burn, destroy, decimate, DE-animate- so breathe easily

seldom do you find anything except in the last place you looked

though dragged away twice in handcuffs, i came here freely

only if life is enjoyed… Continue

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Confused, Country, Rambling [Pt. XVI]

Hopeful Hallucinations

simply saddened- solemn

somewhat singed- seared

suicidal? helpless? no...

homesick, heartbroken..

hearing and seeing.

things that aren't...

if you saw what i did,

would you want to see

something else that

isn't here? words?

worlds? action?

do you think?

do i care?

do you care that

I see things that

aren't here... yET?

things that are

there, just- just

out of… Continue

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Evaluated & Committed & Evaluated, P.S. H.R. [Pt. XV]

Poplar Springs Hospital + Rehab (P.S. H.R.)

here- voluntarily committed- involuntary only on the face

unfortunately fascists may make the rules, but just in case...

they have someone else- each other- taking lightly the opportunity

to Care! i know JUST is always now the appropriate routine

locked in this place- together, with brothers- bored only slightly

do i look? act? usually, generally healing feeling reeling from the hype

when they say we are… Continue

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My First 'Critique' (Nikki Giovanni's Reply...) [Pt. XIV]



Your poems remind me, somewhat, of E.E. Cummings, though without his wicked sense of humor. you [have humor], of course, but Cummings had a darker side that makes us all laugh.

I like the Love poems but that probably has to do with the fact that i write Love poems right now. “Chemically dependent on you” is a great line. Anarchistic Intentions is wonderful. Oddly Jobless too. I like Parsing Language Openly if I am understanding the… Continue

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Pent Up Grammar [Pt. XIII]

purely grammatically, practically random

phrases poised precisely, prioritized programmatically,

perfectly- alliterating almost arrogantly

guaranteeing interpretation, intense

in pace- inward reflections outward

displayed pointedly. providing insight

into grammar, gradually... pent up

too long, left alone long enough

to investigate... incontrovertible

evidence of malfeasance detected

conveyed cautiously; encoded, educated,

energized against… Continue

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