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You Taught Me

when you taught me to write

you had no idea what you were

dealing with...

when you taught me to drink

i wish you had told me

i didn't have to be so nervous

as you.

when you taught me to eat

it all tasted good, but

i don't want it


when you taught me to speak

the first word i said to you

was Light... at 6

Months with my southern drawl

and Country View.

when you taught me to read

you should have begun to…


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X-Y-Z Tension Ease... (poems)

Xerxes Youthful Zeal

An arrogant asshole assumes

Bodily, belligerently and boastfully

Coursing callous comments

Defining deathly deliriums

Excacerbating elemental,

Fundamental fumigations

Granting gilded guidance

Honing heroes habits

Initiating implicit irony

Jacking, jolting & jeering

Killing kilotons of Kryptonite

Lamenting lustful longings

Manufacturing mentalities

Nemesis not needed now

Obvious or…


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Cascading Thoughts of Oblivion

quiet, quizzical,

poring haphazardly and silently

through all my experiences,

trying so desperately to find

one among the stacks and tears [sic],

one amidst the jumble,

one that relates to your madness,

your misery and your desire for self-destruction.

whispering, cynical

letting loose with a torrent

of letters tearing through

the fabric of everything you've known,

burning conciousness embroidered

upon your delicate, thin skin,



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I have waited...

for many years, and now am ready. I still don't know exactly how to say this to you, or understand the consequences of this statement in their entirety, but this is the truth, and i must try to communicate it. i am nothing. i am, relative to life within this grand universe of ours, as important as that bacteria cell which you may remove by washing your hands, destroy by disinfecting, or leave be to evolve as a part of the ecosystem known as your body. we are not alone. there are organisms-… Continue

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