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Evaluated & Committed & Evaluated, P.S. H.R. [Pt. XV]

Poplar Springs Hospital + Rehab (P.S. H.R.)

here- voluntarily committed- involuntary only on the face

unfortunately fascists may make the rules, but just in case...

they have someone else- each other- taking lightly the opportunity

to Care! i know JUST is always now the appropriate routine

locked in this place- together, with brothers- bored only slightly

do i look? act? usually, generally healing feeling reeling from the hype

when they say we are… Continue

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My First 'Critique' (Nikki Giovanni's Reply...) [Pt. XIV]



Your poems remind me, somewhat, of E.E. Cummings, though without his wicked sense of humor. you [have humor], of course, but Cummings had a darker side that makes us all laugh.

I like the Love poems but that probably has to do with the fact that i write Love poems right now. “Chemically dependent on you” is a great line. Anarchistic Intentions is wonderful. Oddly Jobless too. I like Parsing Language Openly if I am understanding the… Continue

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Pent Up Grammar [Pt. XIII]

purely grammatically, practically random

phrases poised precisely, prioritized programmatically,

perfectly- alliterating almost arrogantly

guaranteeing interpretation, intense

in pace- inward reflections outward

displayed pointedly. providing insight

into grammar, gradually... pent up

too long, left alone long enough

to investigate... incontrovertible

evidence of malfeasance detected

conveyed cautiously; encoded, educated,

energized against… Continue

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A Drunk's Bankruptcy... [Pt. XII]

Bankrupt Banks (Will Burn Red)

bankrupt banks bite balls-

full of air- gnawing, repeatedly

deflating bubbles- leaving marks

marking to market to make 'profits'

appear from nowhere- broke

down, in the red- financial

fires furiously burning- brazen

claiming debts captured illicitly

be paid in full. fumigating

common cents, hanging on

by threads- paper trails en route

to eviction, collections- stealing

slyly our taxes… Continue

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Patience... (Almost...?) [Pt. XI]

patiently i wait

as i whirl these words at you

wind worlds around you

words swirling 'round you

a whirlwind

twirling the moment

as a baton

bending it 'round your head until it fits

slamming the baton through you

in one ear


to the other side

bolting it down

these words cannot be misspoken

these words cannot be forgotten

these words cannot leave

these words are yours

my words are yours

as are your… Continue

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(Stream of) Consciousness [Pt. X]

caught amidst a tempest, drowning

pouring, bouncing- thoughts- back,

forth, forgotten; forlorn- memories

lost, ‘lore’ untold, torn apart

by the storm- thoughts swirling,

tornadic; swindling, robbing you

of your senses: consciousness degraded

as you debate inwardly, testing

theories toward oblivion inside

deciding not to be sensible about

abandoning thoughts for action-

reacting (finally) consciously, collected

open, streaming- live… Continue

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About Me (Curriculum Vitae) [Pt. IX]

at seventeen i signed up, a Reservist-

1-11-01- i remember clearly- nervous

first application accepted- Soldier in training

Cadet by 9/11- the principles now ingrained

though training- unfortunately- stayed, incomplete

missed A.I.T. twice because i could not ‘compete’

for the few spots open to training the Young-

Kids- to serve, protect, fight and draw blood.

generally discharged eventually to Wait politely

on your tables- Ruby Tuesday, two of… Continue

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Family Time (Addicted Forever?) [Pt. 8]

Emerging slowly, burned only slightly

Torn, slashed, broken down- left

Estimated inaccurately- wound tightly

Recent incident involving auto theft

Not expected- from my perspective- blind

Immediate encounter- waiting, resigned

Took it off- lost the key- no-mind

Years spent weary waiting to align

Immersion- suburban excursion, uncertain

Now used to being used it comes back through

Finally taking a break- memory’s last curtain

Infirm- only… Continue

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Gravity (= Pi ^ 2) [Pt. VII]

”Speaking Encoded - for the Good of the Nation”

Sun Jul 23, 2006 12:53 pm

Sorry I'm late...

I was



Affected by the blackout

No phone, either

If I had my laptop,

I'd use it to calculate

The probability

Of those same two events

Occurring in simultaneity...

But my battery was dead…

Gravity = 9.86 = (Pi * Pi)!

2,000,000,000 digits. Have. Be. Come. Here.

(Pi CANNOT… Continue

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What Does It Take To Sober Up a Drunk? (#3/3)

"Drug of Choice (A - Z)"

an allergic reaction, alternating

between, beneath, bourne by blood

carrying chemicals; coursing all directions

dominating, dimming- donning for me my mask

every eery shred- doubt- eeks in

feeding on, fomenting from these formulations

gravity grabs tighter; green, grounded

hooded, hopeless- horrified by my diagnosis

irritated; in fact, entirely ired- immune

jailed, jogging in place, jet-set to… Continue

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Home is a place you go to find people who understand you. so here i am- at home. writing to you from 'home,' where who and/or what i am seems less important than perceived sustainability. no job? how will you pay your way? strange perspective? medicate.

family. always there to support, but not necessarily in whatever- in 'progress' only, as they define it. but what do you do when you don't want for yourself what your family wants for you? find a 'Family' that does. i don't need… Continue

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What Does It Take To Sober Up a Drunk? (#2/3)

”Delirious Tremors”

shaking, unsure, confused; caught in an endless loop

awake, absorbing, falling; unconscious of the truth

doubted, daunted, disabled; vision blurred by lack of breath

watching- fearing instead of acting, wishing only for a quick death

hoping it will come to me before those around me pass

not seeing how i drain them with each sip from the glass

not seeing how our dreams are so intricately entertwined

my intentions… Continue

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VI, VI, VI #2 - A Candle In the WInd [For Afghanistan] (November 2009)

“Candle in the Wind, Soldiers Resting in Pieces”

Cynical maybe, psychotic possibly- theoretically speaking

Awful cycles of vile vicious violence may eventually end

Natural evolution of a revolution- a final end to 'tweaking'

Death, destruction, doom- doors open... slowly.. as i append

Letters of feeling to lesson lunacy of illegal wars, wary

Even though i know i can do nothing but wait, wonder, carry

Into the open the lies they've told- for oil,… Continue

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VI, VI, VI - Peaches for Iraq (June 2006)

“I’m Peachy (for Pip) [Pt. I]”

For Pip I will remake the world… or maybe

not… Eternity, infinity, trinity,

diversity, unity, humanity.. am I the

outraged youth that must explain this world

to you? I see trinity in diversity: the

universe is eternal. “Truthiness” is a

daily show on comedy central, and comedy

Central is right here in the U.S.A.

Is this an apology? Hypothetically

Inventively intending intervention (In

other words,… Continue

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Pendulum (The Battle Between You & You)

back and forth, to and fro

i can't take it, so here i go

out the door, away from you

but i can't take that either, i would miss you

torn between two different loves

the one that loves me and the one that doesn't

but to say either doesn't love me isn't really fair

i know that both of you do and that both of you care

the problem is that you're both in one head

i feel like i'm watching a fight and taking bets

on which one will give out and finally… Continue

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A Re-Run (in Afghanistan)... [Pt. V]

"Eternally Burning Youth”

broken, battered- batteries dead, deceased

dealing 'destruction'- employing structural DISorganization

damned, ignored- an engine, idling- innocent, instantly

i think. if you asked me i ask you what is most-

or more- important- when i ask mostly i hear

you say DISserviced motors- mortars mangling making miserable

targets? goals? strategies? strategically speaking softly...

what do you think is best for me? for U.S.?… Continue

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i 'Wrote' To Nikki Giovanni... (but she doesn't do e-mail)

3 years & 4 months ago...

[Professor] Giovanni,

My name is George Cooley. I am a 22 year old alumnus of the College of Arts and Sciences (I majored in Economics). This past year I was teaching mathematics (geometry and trigonometry) at Orange County High School... when I started to see something in the numbers- my country is lying to me... I know nothing about writing or poetry, but I know I want to write and see as much of the world as I can. I have a message… Continue

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What Does It Take To Sober Up a Drunk? (#1/3)

“What Does it Take to Sober Up a Drunk?”

wandering, pondering, wondering why

what evil deed have i done said i

to drive from so near to so far away

you- i had you beside me yesterday

you said it was nothing that i had done

neither my despicable actions nor your dissatisfaction

not a thing you could fault me for- not one

no responsibility lies with you- not a fraction

you said sarcastically as i lay there gasping

for the same air you… Continue

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Strategically Speaking Metallic Misery [Pt. IV]

Part IV: Strategically Speaking Metallic Misery (G.O.A.T.*)


* G.O.A.T. = Get Out [of] Afghanistan, Tyrants

“One Dead Battery”

One dead battery, another dead body

No more pain, a future now plotted

Evenly entombed- a tour through; phrases

Dealt carefully attempting to explain this

Every last dead battery is one more too many

A piece of peace drained; a loss for our country

‘Duty calls,’ they… Continue

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Midnight Moonlight Refrain (E.S.T.)

3 years and 4 months ago...

O U.S.A. Can You Hear Me?

U.S.A… trinity diversity university destiny

It was not that they wanted to destroy

They were showing us… how? Do we even

Count things that don’t exist? Calories...

from food.. Dollars and sense?

NO… All there is is a letter 'O'

the water in the sea.

You and me… a world away… on vacation

Twin towers came crashing down I now know

Because we can’t even count to… Continue

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