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A 'Seen-It' Debate On Healthcare

"Unconstitutional Bickering"

paranoid posturing

pointedly pouting, pandering

rendering reality

an abomination

assuming responsibility

as spokespersons

for the power-hungry; hateful

when prudent power lies

in passivity

passively we rotate

focused on a landscape

of unconstitutional bickering

bitter kindergarteners, it seems; fickle


fighting fret-less-ly

letting the score

of our conscience… Continue

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An Homage To Triangularly Folded Flags- Wasted! [Pt. III]

Part III: An Homage To Triangularly Folded Flags- Wasted!


“Desperate, Dreaming”

Apologies for not fitting into your system

Not living for money or out fighting terrorism

Home, alone- family-less for a time- just being

Openly unemployed, uninsured, desperate- believing

Miraculously enough, that maybe i could make a difference

A dream i keep having- again and again, sentence by sentence

Getting closer to it, it… Continue

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Diversity University #2 (Pt. II, #2)

“I. C. Lovers Everywhere [at 98.6°]!"

In an alien’s infinite eyes, two worlds collide

Collision course calculated appropriately and accurately

Lyrically challenging mathematics, medicine, economics as practiced

Operating openly- under the influence of gravity-

Veracious (or not, as necessary), gracious- space is

Everywhere; outside of time, space is spacious.

Reality check- an undefined species is demanding time-

Surely, succinctly- to cease… Continue

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Diversity University [Pt. II]

Part II: DivErsity UniversiTy


“Ultra-Fine Optometrics (U.F.O.)”

Do ‘they’ exist? i have seen ‘them’ with my own eyes

Not a landing- no ‘alien encounter’- just distant lights

Alighting light-years away- three dots; swiftly

A flash-zoom in between each- energy from drifting?

Living beings sailing on a far-out sun’s light?

Is it something else? perhaps our future fusion technology?

Entering our galaxy… Continue

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P.T.S.D.: A Cure? [Pt. I]

Part I: P.T.S.D. ExpandeD


“Something Seemingly Sinister, Something Truly Sinister”

something seemingly sinister sounds an alarm

though you may be afraid, it means you no harm

it drives you crazy to hear the voices it speaks in

or to think of how easily its lights can peek in

tweaking your world to pull you out of misery

making you lose your mind as you revisit history

horrible happenings, special occasions; memories… Continue

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The Music of Emotion

"A Musical Symphony of Emotion Opens Doors"

any song you sing is music to me

if sung wide-open- easily and free

things fall quickly, all down- the same

As long as your song is what you mean to say

Madness or misery- just honestly capture emotion

Universal love always- preferable, perfect- intonation

Sounds surging through stereos relieve

If only left on- loud or soft- incessantly

Care; for affect- effect comes on the rewind

Always… Continue

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A Patient's Patience... for Universal Healthcare

"A Patient's Patience, Patent Pending (My Vote On Election Day)"

Patients' patience, patent pending- pouring out estimations

Pandering- lying, maybe; miserable mornings mourning decimations

Poor, uninsured, 'needy'? needing what? doctors or brothers, sisters

Absent from voting on election day- nursing selves, circling- blisters

Always burn until they are healed- and once done healing re-blister

Adding up to calluses- still feeling pain- anxious about… Continue

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A Finite Strategy or Abandon [Afghanistan]...

“A Finite Strategy or Abandon It”

Here it is, a youth-full request- another time i will say this

If you, U.S., wish to burn your kids, take a glimpse of this wish

Torture, terror- why send them? why send them to take the blows

Climactic, when we are there having invaded illegally- as terror sews

Hewn limbs of innocents, innocence- drones, 'tech'- not enough gear

Awaiting doom as long as you leave them- serve yourselves or do i smell fear?

Rivets,… Continue

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VI, VI, VI (Season 1; June 2006)

“I’m Peachy (for Pip) [Pt. I]”

For Pip I will remake the world… or maybe

not… Eternity, infinity, trinity,

diversity, unity, humanity.. am I the

outraged youth that must explain this world

to you? I see trinity in diversity: the

universe is eternal. “Truthiness” is a

daily show on comedy central, and comedy

Central is right here in the U.S.A.

Is this an apology? Hypothetically

Inventively intending intervention (In

other words,… Continue

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A Re-Run (in Afghanistan)... [Pt. V]

"Eternally Burning Youth”

broken, battered- batteries dead, deceased

dealing 'destruction'- employing structural DISorganization

damned, ignored- an engine, idling- innocent, instantly

i think. if you asked me i ask you what is most-

or more- important- when i ask mostly i hear

you say DISserviced motors- mortars mangling making miserable

targets? goals? strategies? strategically speaking softly...

what do you think is best for me? for U.S.?… Continue

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