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I am You

You are Me

We are all ONE

I am the mirror of your Soul,

talking to your ego,

sharing with you,

what you already know deep,

very deep in your Heart,

wispering what your ears are longing to hear,

since so long.

I am the mirror of your Soul,

I am your Soul,

We are all ONE,

We are all One Soul,

I am your…


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Vendredi passé (25SEP09) j’ai accompagné la classe de ma fille Debora en course d’école… jusqu’içi tout ok… ce qui la différencie d’une ordinaire course d’école c’est sa déstination : le camp de concentration de Natzweiler – Struthof près de Strasbourg (F).

Ceci était ma/notre 1ère (et dernière ?) visite à un lieu pareil… c’était par moment très, très dur et insupportable de lire et de voir sur les panneaux d'explication ce qui s’est… Continue

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What if the Universe would be ONE instant?

What if ONE and ONE wouldn’t be two but a new ONE?

What if YOU and ME, we would be ONE?

What if the Earth would be ONE Country?

What if our galaxy would be just ONE Star?

What if the Universe would be only ONE Instant?

And if I tell You that You are humanity…

You are the Earth…

You are one Star…

You are one Galaxy…

You are the Universe…

You are… this… Continue

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Creative power at work

Creative Power at Work

Do you know that your creative Power is always „switched ON“?

Do you know that your fantastic Creative Power is working every moment of your day, and of your night as well?


Every thougth, idea, reflection and consideration are Intentions that you send into the Quantum Field (the Ocean containing all the Possibilities already existing in a latent state)…

Each one of these… Continue

Added by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 19, 2009 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

YES, you can choose PEACE right now!

Today I received an e-mail showing terrible pictures... about what's really going on in Gaza, it says (I was feeling, I was really manipulated)...

I was sitting in front of my computer devastated, and could not believe what my eyes were seeing... I remained a long time in front of these pictures... then, of course, I started to cry... as an empath, I could not NOT feel the pain, the suffering, the outrage, the lack of respect toward human rights... human LIFE... God's LIFE... God's… Continue

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Translators from english to italian needed

Cari tutti, oggi il gruppo dei traduttori per l'italiano ha pubblicato la prima traduzione di un testo molto interessante. Grazie a Aldo e a Mona, possiamo cominciare piano piano, ma abbiamo veramente bisogno di più volontari!!!!

Di testi interessanti in inglese, qui su iPeace ce ne sono tantissimi, e per il momento siamo solo in 3 per tradurli.

Fate passare la voce e dai, coraggio ! Venite ad aiutarci, siete i benvenuti!

Love, Light &… Continue

Added by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 6, 2009 at 6:17pm — 1 Comment

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