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A Common Experience: a poem for peace

A common experience like falling in love

Is familiar to all it comes from above

But the common experience of hatred and war

Is man’s greatest crime that’s spread from afar

Many know fear and many know pain

And many know bullets that fall down like rain

Mothers cry and children scream

While fathers and sons take their place on the scene

The enemy comes in with dogged determination

To wipe out a race, a religion, a nation

While others look…


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Choose your battles

When we attain a certain level of maturity, it becomes easier to see the dynamics of human clashes or battles which we perhaps never noticed before. As a result, we learn to choose our battles rather than get involved in every conflict presented. In choosing our battles, we will also have a much quicker recovery time of letting things go and we are better able to respond or retract when necessary. Being immature, we usually only respond.

When there is some sort of confusion or…


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A view from the black side

Since writing my blogs, although I’ve written over 40 articles, the ones which get the most comments have had class or race as subjects. These comments come from around the world, so I can assume that people from foreign lands are interested in the social situation in the U.S., particularly from the perspective of a black person. Therefore, I offer this as speaking from my heart…


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Lessons make life a wonderful experience

When I wake up every morning, and I’m grateful for that blessing, I know that this is a day I have been given to create, or be or do something different. It is with that freshness of anticipation that I love to begin my day. Although there may have come up issues I had to address yesterday, or there may be things which have lingered around for quite awhile, each morn brings a chance to learn a new lesson; something exceptional. And that possibility is what makes living life a wonderful…


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Sources of our brokenness...the beast within

Periodically we should take time to look at ourselves. It is good if this introspection takes place before our baser nature or beast is discovered by the world outside, as observed lately in so many celebrities, sports figures, politicians, preachers, and business men. Long before the world knows about our brokenness there are signs that we recognize, but refuse to consider.

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience; and in that humanity is located the lustful… Continue

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Picking up where my people left off

Recently my partner and I were discussing possible stereotypical backlash now that our first “Oodleville” children’s book, The First Trip, has been published, and Bubba Oodle, our first character doll, is available. For me, the Oodles’ black color has been the subject of conjecture since I began working to manifest my dream.

In our conversation, therefore, we talked about ways to address the dolls’ color. We discussed comparing the Oodles to gollywogs who were and still are… Continue

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After 18 years of effort, I am proud to announce that my first children's book, "The First Trip" is online and available. The story is one of Bubba Oodle, the news reporter for the Oodleville News, and his arrival in "The Land Beyond" (our Earth) from his imaginary world of "Oodleville." There is also an introduction of the other "Oodles" and some of their adventures.

In coming stories, Bubba will be exploring and making friends to share our lives with those in "Oodleville," and… Continue

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