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double vitesse ou deux faces de la justice internationale????????????

tout le monde domande la tete de omar elbachir alors que on garde la silence total envers les crimes commises par les israeliens,envers les americains et leur guerre basée sur les mensenges contre le peuple d'iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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la marche mondiale pour la paix et la non-violence

Tous à Genève les 8 et 9 Novembre !

25. October 2009.

La Marche passera à Genève le dimanche 8 et lundi 9 Novembre !

Dimanche 8 novembre

Voyage en train depuis différentes parties de Suisse, en direction e Genève :

*** Programme provisoire ***

11:48 de St. Gal (ICN 1524 bis Biel)

13:03 de Bâle (ICN 624)

13:04 de Zürich (ICN 1524 bis Biel)

13:54 de Bern (RE 3052 bis… Continue

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think of others

Think of Others

Mahmoud Darwish


While making breakfast, think of others

[don't forget the pigeons' feed]

While fighting your wars, think of others

[don't forget those who want peace]

While paying your water bill, think of others

[those who are drinking the clouds]

While walking home, think of others

[don't forget the people of the tents]

While sleeping and… Continue

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a window on my childhood

When i was a child in our village there was no elecricity no tv , we got light from candles, i made my studies by these candles. gloomy house,my father who came tired after a long day in the fields,lie near my mother who sat down and started preparing tea,tea is the famous and popular drink in all morocco,tea ceremony is very sacred in our region.where as we the childreen me and my brother and my two young sisters we glue our bodies to the walls and kept gaze at each other ,no word should be… Continue

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the islam in the eyes of my parents

in our village,my parents during my childhood they asked me to make my prayers,all they cared for is the eternal life,afterdeath life.they do not even care about becoming rich in this life,the success in life is very connected to our commitment in doing your religous duties,my mother always said"make your prayers if you want God answer your demands and bendicate your efforts" my mother did not cesse to mention examples to make me see how she was right "look to that youth who keep doing his… Continue

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