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Weekend Home

Dear Everyone I managed to make it through Cirque De Soleil (a cross between a circus and a rock concert) without a xanax for my social anxiety! I asked for help from Chumanzoo (who is my companion dragon) to deal with anxiety. I also went earlier last wed to do exposure work for the anxiety. I had a fabulous time watching the hunky acrobats do amazing stunts, all in time with the band that was playing. Afterwards I went home to visit my parents. I got a personal-sized pizza at Pizza Hut and…


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Move To South Portland Maine

Dear Everyone

    We managed a move in a surprisingly short time (five months).  I'm successfully moved into a room at E St, South Portland thanks to my higher powers and parents and relatives who supported us financially.  I enjoy most of the residents who are mentally or physically challenged in some way but are wonderful people.  

    I enjoyed my first three AA meetings at the noon time men's group, although they cuss too much for my taste.  There's cute guys there but…


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Christmas 2011

Dear Everyone

   Christmas was terrific despite not getting as many presents as I'd hoped, and some changes in plans that were last minute.  For an alcoholic that's hard to deal with (being out of control).  I didn't drink though.  I enjoyed spending time with my brother, his wife and my 3 year old niece.  They were visiting from Irvine CA.  

   We had Christmas early because of their visit.  I got a Pema Chodron…


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Pumpkin Festival

Dear Everyone

      The pumpkin festival was two weekends ago.  The town was crowded as if it were a miniature New York City.  Families and couples walked the streets gaping at the huge carved and painted pumpkins.  You could easily fit inside them if you were a kid!

      I took photos of them which are shown on my site.  I also took photos of the pumpkin parade.  I didn't get a chance to film the pumpkin race where they…


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A Blessed Week

Dear Everyone

I had a blessed week--instead of the week from hell lol. I was actually busy which was terrific. My friend Liz who had been homeless for awhile found a place in Newcastle which is within walking distance to Damariscotta. We can play guitar together more often now! Plus Tonto (who is a drummer for a band) responded to my advert for forming a band. He has a band he wants me to try out for. He and I met on Thursday and went to his place in Dresden…

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Pirate Invasion

Last weekend there was a Pirate Parade starting with an invasion. Lots of people were dressed in pirate costumes. I brought my camera and photographed some of the pirates in the invasion. They fired rifles and canons back and forth as the pirates sailed upriver towards the dock. The Damariscotta Defenders sailed out to meet them and volleyed back.

The pirates won and invaded the town, mocking a sword fight and marched down main street. I stayed for 25 min. It was a blast literally. I… Continue

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From Arabia To Egypt:My Trip To Boston

Dear Everyone

I had a fantastic trip to Boston. My parents and I left last Friday morning and stayed at my brother's place in Arlington. He was gone on a vacation to the Pacific. I'd rather be in the Pacific because of the weather but this was fun, because in a way it was a virtual trip to warmer climates. We stopped for subs at D'Augustino's and I had a delicious meatball and cheese sub. The weather was fairly warm and there was hardly any snow on the ground despite the dire news we had… Continue

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Christmas 2009

Dear Everyone

Despite being unable to celebrate Yule this year with my pagan boyfriend, Tony, I enjoyed Christmas very much with my parents. We went skiing on Thursday. The weather was warm and balmy and the conditions great even though it was man-made snow.

On Christmas day, we opened presents and then in the evening went to friends of the family for a nice dinner of stuffed hen and ham. We had veggies too of course. I played my acoustic guitar in the background while people chatted.… Continue

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Call For Help

Flaming embers of anger burning bright

Burning my peace away till its all night

Smothered in darkness of self-centerdness

How can I get back to my precious happiness?

I call myself a so-called peace activist

How can I be this when I'm so pissed

At things that I can't seem to control

Such as my parents and their role

They control my money, my freedom and my life

For my own good they say but it causes strife

I screwed up six years ago… Continue

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A Magickal Life

Every day is magickal

Ever moment sublime

If we are just mindful

If we make up our mind

Appreciate everything

Whether bad or good

We just do as we should

Let our souls always sing

Every day is magickal

Ever moment sublime

If we are just mindful

If we make up our mind

Nothing is just mundane

Everything is always divine

If we can only seem to find

A different title or another name

Every day is… Continue

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One Wedding One Vacation and One Memorial

Dear Everyone

I had a terrific time at my cousin's wedding in Sugarbush VT. The weather was beautiful and so was the setting. The wedding took place near a red round barn down near a stream which emptied into a small pond. Ducks swam languidly in the pond as Elizabeth Von Trapp played and sang for the ceremony. There were too many blessings and it was too churchy for me but I had a good time seeing family and the band which played after the reception and dinner was fabulous.

I stayed… Continue

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Week/Internet Show

Dear Everyone

I've been avoiding doing blogs for a while because it takes a while to copy and paste them on five pages of networks. Here's what I've been up to recently. I've been working at Bull Moose two mondays a moth, and bought three DVDs this month because of a bonus check and also I get 10% from my pay check. I bought Residency, a Smashing Pumpkins documentary and concert; it's very good but I haven't watched all of it. I bought Rush, Snakes and Arrows concert live which is awesome.… Continue

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Dear Everyone

I finally managed to sell a cd, maybe two. I am so excited. I am going to cast a prosperity spell to help the business. Also if you want to get a copy, go to http://www.bullmoose.com and look under Dylan Dazzlin Cook in the local artists section. My internet show on blog talk radio is getting more exposure on other sites which is exciting! I also found a place to volunteer at The Pemaquid Watershed Association for nature conservancy. Thank you, Goddess The God and The Great… Continue

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Good Christmas Overall

Dear Everyone

I had a good christmas overall. I got to go skiing with my family and spend some valuable time with them. I got some wonderful gifts, including an electric acoustic guitar. I also got money which I bought two pagan books with, a cd of Live and Celtic Woman on DVD in concert. I got a nice calendar, but most importantly, I stayed sober. My parents drink but they control it, but its still uncomfortable, even though I would never trade my five, almost six years of sobriety for a… Continue

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Fun Day At Work and The Movies

Dear Everyone

I worked at Bull Moose Music and gave my two cds to them so they could put them on the shelf to sell. So if you are interested just order it from the local section online at http://www.bullmoose.com under Dylan Dazzlin Cook. The cd is Autumn Melodies. It's expiremental rock with piano and guitar.

I watched The Punisher by myself because a guy I was going to see it with cancelled but I didn't find out until after which sucks. We aren't dating but he was interested until… Continue

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The Good Times Are Back

Dear Everyone

I am over the break up. Tony and I are friends which is great. A guy named Erin has emailed me from Craigslist about my add about dating someone. We haven't met yet but have emailed back and forth. I've had a good time at work, AA meetings, playing guitar with Liz, and joining groups online and new networks. I've made a lot of new friends on the networks which is fun. I am going to be selling my new cd at Bullmoose Music once I bring it when I work there in two weeks. I will… Continue

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Break Up But Life Is Still Good

Dear Everyone

Tony broke up with me because of the long distance and because he thought I wasn't paying enough money for the gas when that was all I could afford since I work part time only a few days a week. I am still hurting but after meeting with him on Wed and going to the Just Guys I felt better and decided I was better off without because he sent me a hurtful email. I know it's cause he is hurting too but if he won't understand my financial situation then it's not worth it.

I… Continue

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News Update For Damariscotta

Dear Everyone

I had a good weekend with my boyfriend Tony. We went to Fort William Henry instead of the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point because it was closed. The sun shone brightly down on the water, its warm rays brightening everything with an orange glow and lighting up the blue sky above. There was a staff member who was dressed in the traditional historical outfit of the time giving a talk on the history of the fort which was fascinating. He shot a musket for us too!

Then we drove… Continue

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Seductive Saturday

ear Everyone

I Had A Good AA Meeting This Morning Because I Could Relate To The People Who Were There And Also Because It Was Held Outside By The River. The River Was Calm And Reflected The Clear Blue Sky. The Leaves Are Bright Red, Orange And Yellow With Some Green Intermixed With Them. They Fall All Over The Place. I Love Autumn Light And The Cool Breeze.

Then I Called My Boyfriend And We Went To Fort William Henry Which Is Now Fort Frederick Near Pemaquid Point. I Got A Coke And… Continue

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Weekly Update

Dear Everyone

Yesterday was wonderful. My boyfriend Tony showed up after all and we went to get an appraisal for his clock. It turned out to be a copy of a 1800s German clock. Then we sat down by the water and chatted. After that we watched the last part of Tori Amos Live at Montreaux on DVD which I had bought recently. It's awesome! I got a large coke.

Today I just worked and saw my old job coach again. Then I slept and met with my sponsor Bill about the fourth step. Now I am waiting… Continue

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