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Some things I confront myself with when the dream becomes unbearable...


What's here? If it's good, accept it. If it's bad, accept it.

Acceptance is surrendering, surrendering is true strength. For being, or becoming. For experiencing what is or taking the steps in presence for change.

Surrender to presence.

Are your thoughts limiting you from this?

Are you identifying with your personality? Resisting change? Its hard when friends and family or…


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Welcome 2011

everything material/physical changes//as long as love is the root of conscious thought, life will continue to grow from it in it's purest form, love is the only unchanging permanent resident of you.

And it knows no condition.…


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Your life can be percieved as the most beautiful thing you've ever lived. #downtherabbithole

"A single glimpse of this truth upends our entire world-view, and reality is never quite the same. We are suddenly launched, for better or worse, onto a path that is fueled by our yearning to part the veils

that shield our eyes from seeing a puddle of spilled coke as anything

less than a fantastical, mystical, miraculous and mysterious appearance

in the midst of an inexplicable infinite universe! And the same for

every blade of grass, our little finger, and all of…


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When the world becomes to much to hold up

Let Go

the most important lesson I learned is to let go of the life I planned for the life waiting for me, natural and true. effortless.

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SO Inspiring.


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Tomorrow's page is black and blank and hollow and doesn't exist. It's completely unknown, and full of Love. And all I can do is be prepared, aware and conscious, and okay with the fact that tomorrow's story could only ever exist beyond imagination and that consciousness shapes it when it becomes now. Everything including conditioning, perception and projection. So today, the only thing that exists, be.

I have NO CLUE where I'm going, only an idea and a journey, zen know's no path, only… Continue

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playing roles in illusory labels

Don't be mine

be here with me
by will, by spirit
not by obligation or rule
Don't be someone for me
be yourself beside me
 just be, 
effortlessly interconnected
Don't be something to please me
your existence appeases me
the only undisclosed desire of my heart
is that you shine on
The journey to love is unlearning all the illusions that cover it up, the fact that its…

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Imagine you have a condo you've lived in for 5 years, you accumulate things overtime that takes up space here and there, some useful, others meaningful, some memories bad some good, and all of the sudden, it all sets on fire, and turns to ash, the walls are fine, everythig is still there… Continue

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