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All The Love In The World

I would like to live long enough to one day see,

the many people in this world sharing harmony,

caring for all, not just those they see each day,

sharing all their burdens freely and also some play.

Will it take a millenium or more to reach that state,

or can we wake everyone to take this dream and make,

a world fit for our brothers and…

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An Ideal World

In that ideal world which I will never see,

would I find the rules revolve around me?

No I think that they are best equal for all,

with none at any other's beck and call.

For as long as there be slaves and underdogs

so will strife remain to break down those cogs

that otherwise could run a smooth society,

with everyone able to get home for tea.

While the few continue to abuse their power,

the losses for others mount hour…


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Any Destiny

Walk boldy to my dreams at night,

take my hand and hold on tight,

let us travel in ways that days deny,

no costs to consider, even if we fly

Our passports will be of pure fantasy,

universal visas will permit every destiny,

just as man should always be,

free to roam, forever free


Cast off all constraints within our minds,

seek and find and meet folk who are kind,

then take that dream back into day



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The day will come when I do not

rise from my bed but stay in that spot

perchance to dream if not to wake

a heavy slumber I will never shake.

Some say that science may soon bring

such longer life as yet unseen

two hundred years with health unchecked

may be their goal but should we expect

the splitting of the human race in two

the sub class just like me and you

the wealthy buying decades to find

some other…


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Mistle Finger

Watch his sturdy Mistle Finger poised

to flick the bell and make some noise

his message would soon be sent to call

the many needy girls and boys who all

deserve a treat as much as our very own

and their chance to become fully grown.

For all the world is equal in the eyes

of true justice unmarred by sinful lies

what need is there for us to buy more

junk that fills the many advert boards

while cousins we have not once…


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Don't Dream of Stars...

Don't dream of star lit summer nights,

unless I'm there in the scene with you,

take all the time you wish to pine,

for days which we can share anew.

All time we spend without a touch,

without our voices sending cheer,

are hours and days we may regret,

as times we have wasted I do fear.

For it is every lovers dearest wish,

they ever can hold each others hands,

and in their minds and hearts they know

only other true lovers… Continue

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Sage & Onion

How I wish the whole world was so sage

as to put aside all mistrust and rage,

instead arrive at some common ground

where solutions to our woes could be found

The endless cut and thrust of lies

has seen so very many folks demise

but who has stopped to analize

what profit ever came with all those cries?

The useless waste of modern man is plain

the failure to learn from all our past a shame

If we but only knew our onions well

sage… Continue

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One Bond

If I could send this heart of mine,

across the seas, & freed from time,

could we then spend eternity,

finding true ways for peace to be,

more than this dream that we now share,

but a deeper bond made from pure care.

One bond to end the need for doubt,

as all would see what it's about,

the need that all on earth should know,

points out the way for mankind to go,

and… Continue

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Tribute to John on his 70th birthday - Peace to all.


John the artist played at a pace that didnt slack

He was a bold young figure, the leader of the pack

Quarried in that Mersey town and crafted into rock

Solid from the outset, his band was hard to knock

More talent than the many other groups that were around

The Beatles got the world to dig their Mersey sound

Apprentice served in Hamburg, playing thru the night

The brought a blend of soul with rock in which to delight

Helped by Please and… Continue

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The Borders Of Mankind

The borders of mankind are not those we see drawn on maps

but simply the limits of our travel and any acompanying mishaps.

For many centuries that has meant the globe we have spread across

but now other planets we do seek to venture onto without loss

As mankind seeks a better way to travel on through space,

perhaps he will then remember we are all one human race,

and not alert another planet to the wars that still occurr,

for such a weakness may seem to… Continue

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Nine Eleven Tribute

As the anniversary looms once again, may we hope there will be positive actions only on the day....…


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Feeble Eyes

Darkness hid from our feeble eyes,

hatching dastardly plans for our demise,

an evil never worse to be seen,…


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West whispers that come from the few,

take an overpowering view,

fanned by media and political spin,

but do they reflect honesty within?

Eastern breezes carry some hard

words in anguish from souls so marred

by turmoils begun long, long before,

many deep wounds from a distant shore.

Healing won't come from more bullets and knives,

that only ever leaves more grieving mothers and wives

Sanity shows clear when peace is planned… Continue

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2010 - A Year for Peace & Goodwill

A new year dawns as many before,

will 2010 bring what we ask for?

A peaceful future that all can share

with the wealthy showing that they care?

In my hopes as ever that would be the plan

for without compassion what distinguishes man?

We may have tools and brains to embrace

technologies to help the human race

But if those minds just persue all with greed

then we ignore those with more pressing need

For food and water would be such a… Continue

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Sure I don't have so many answers

and I'll never know it all that's true

but if you want I'll share what little I have

for sharing is what I know we all need to do

Add all our answers together

with all the questions we must ask

far too much for a solo my friends

joined hands must complete this task

Love and flowers ruled the sixties

that scheme was drowned by the flood

when drugs made so many minds weak

to commerce both bad and… Continue

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Last Runes Cast

Last Runes Cast - by Rhumour

Face down in the mud, he paused before he rose

Women pay a fortune and I'm covered to my toes

Back among the runners, he tried again to jump

Over the high barriers, but he really got the hump

When soon for the third time he took a mighty fall

'You'd think that after all this time my feet would now play ball'

Some weeks went by before he had to go and seek some help

With pains rising up his legs that often… Continue

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Let's Act Together

Friends of many nations

We gather here to say

Let's act together as if

We're one big family today

For all our children's futures

Should be held in our own hands

Not bartered by some business

Or maimed by armies on our lands

This world is large but finite

We have no more room to grow

The food we need for all to eat

Must come from what we sow

And if we divert our efforts

From battles over dwindling oil

And… Continue

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Join In Peace

Negative News is here again

Vibes of malice somehow reign

As those that buy from the paper stall

Encourage the desperate to commit all

Their acts of terror and violence

Knowing that headlines will commence

To publicise their cause and bring

More to take their side in sin

For crimes against one innocent

Are horrors we must aim to prevent

Let's join together in peace that… Continue

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Random Acts Of Kindness Day

I just read a message that informed me
This is 'Random Acts of Kindness Day'
What a splendid notion I must agree
One I can endorse most wholeheartedly
If all people were to do just one such thing
It would make such a great difference
That all the world's birds might sing
An extra song just to celebrate
Surely a thought to ease all back from hate.....

February 18th 2009

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All the pretence of innocence

The rules that one invents

Laws that must be seen to be

Beyond the reach of devilry

Those in power can circumvent

As they like, with full intent

Legal eagles can but try

To keep your vision from the lie

All in all I wonder when

We truly will have freedom again

Twisted knots of red tape can

Imprison every once free man

Number six once held the key

The… Continue

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