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China's fourth station RWB birth

993 is a classic, RWB 993 is again on the floor of a classic. This small workshop in Chiba, Japan will play a new Porsche taste new height,, too, that the Japanese had not only play their own cars, Porsche so highly representative of the European car RWB even play than in Europe themselves even better. Air Suspension RWB Porsche body while injecting elements of Japanese and European elements, brings classic Porsche…


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GK5 with HAWK STREET 5.0 Brake Pads

Most people will feel modified their car is a complex matter, I do not understand either the principle of auto mechanics, but also understand what is manipulation, even such data even braking distance are blurred, "100-0 only 40 meters? "Ever since, modified cars or modified parts often because such" fuzzy "and" do not know ", Turbocharger by many owners mistakenly believe is a" show off their wealth "or" kids stuff ", of…


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Modified Porsche Cayman S

Went to the rear and saw the original somewhat petty tail ornaments put on large-diameter pipe actually double the style, Speed Art dedicated exhaust pipe group has replaced the original article, although Porsche has been a low impedance for the exhaust system design, so that a 3.4 liters engine at any speed can have the best throttle response and forceful exhaust noise. This group consists of Speed Art Cayman S for development of special exhaust system for the tail section modified to…


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E39 M5 vs E55 AMG

BMW E39 M5

    Since the E39 M5 at the beginning of the publication, SMG since manual transmission shifting systems research and development is not yet fully mature, so all E39 M5 begin a six-speed manual transmission is standard, and thus makes the E39 M5 compared to other competitors, there are more driving pleasure, as the gear ratio configuration, the final pass ratio designed to 3.15, while the number of low speed acceleration performance adversely affected, but was able to have a…


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Yaris modified VVT-i variable valve timing

Yaris used 1NZ-FE 1.5-liter aluminum engine equipped with Toyota proud of VVT-i variable valve timing system, power output performance 109ps / 14.4kgm, but can be said to be completely 4AT economic effects product, we do not have much to say, only a 4-speed, presumably the fourth tranche must be super-gear ratio, so in order to have high-speed fuel consumption Yaris 20km / l or so. Peugeot…


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KW suspension system, Dodge Challenger LSD became Demo Car

With a changing of the times and the economy, in the past the United States seems to have been common muscle car close to disappeared, the market is still seen only popular or vintage muscle cars, but also for this reason that produced by the Dodge Challenger, with its burly stature and prominent air intake dam, just represents a real American muscle car. For a change in existing US vehicle defects KW offers technical expertise coupled with a performance-oriented suspension system thus…


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8th Honda Civic

J's Racing shine in recent years, the most obvious feature is the front of the "Arts" in this text, K0422-882 Turbocharger and this car is the eighth-generation Civic athletic demands of the building, naturally at the expense of practicality and comfort. Since it is a competitive car, substantial weight absolute necessity, such as Carbon hood and trunk lid, titanium…


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Civic modification K24A engine

Unlike turbocharger modified way, direct transplant sundial engine has been changed faded in popularity, direct transplant K20A engine red head may not be "fresh"! Use K20A + K24A reform law might be too high! So what to choose? This tool was originally sundial mounted on CL9 Accord of K24A engine factory has 200hp maximum horsepower and maximum torque 23.67kgm, very suitable for transplant in the 8th Civic, and completely without modification, even with the automatic gearbox can flow 2.0…


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Mine`s 700 R35

But this performance to the speed after the fully rendered advantage, especially to accelerate the reaction after 3 files faster thanks to more than the original end of the turbine exhaust gas after-treatment lot, light, fast and full force of acceleration multiplied with the original R35 presentation performance, although the current situation is still in the adaptation phase and vehicle owners run-in period, but had planned Ruti's Mine`s 850 Performance Kit is also about to commence in…


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Buddy Club Project-X Civic

In fact this car last year after Xia Banji conversion completed once with Taiwan Feida tire FZ-201 has a pattern of hot melt fetal development and testing team came to try his hand at Longtan racing venue, was test driver at AAI A fir brother Under the initial driving of the vehicle, the easy LTNS runway 57 seconds to make the score table. After the test was made by A Fir: Power tuning the vehicle early unsatisfactory vehicle speed is always running out, and later towed vehicle chief…


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Golf MKI

MKI white car is the 1981 version of the US regulations, the owner said that she forgot condition is actually quite bad, saab 9-5 turbocharger after another full year of consolidation is more time consuming, but most people than the feared problem when materials and parts purchased in United States, Germany and the United Kingdom have a way to purchase raw materials and parts,…


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BMW 335I

Because turtles 110 degrees N54 Original oil began to enter the large loop in the Taiwan hot climates hardly trial, so the letter of spades is the use of these special items will note a small turtle oil circulation system inside the factory sealed, exhaust manifolds using a large loop to enhance the cooling efficiency, an additional oil cooler with dual, high oil temperature operation can be still maintained at less than…


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Audi A5 Tuning & TT-RS

The vehicle interior transformation also written much, many details have already stream with RS5 kit, make the cockpit sporty interior lot of extra points.


Chassis suspension design, A5 2.0 TFSI quattro configuration independent five-link front axle suspension and body rigidity through the rugged design of the upper and lower A-arm lock is attached to the subframe; the rear axle with independent trapezoidal design of the new chassis dynamics multi-link suspension system, bringing…


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MANSORY as specially adapted Continental luxury sports car brand, this will once again prove that they know how to optimize this Italian supercar, first they will F12's front redesigned and extensive use of carbon fiber material, Renault clio dci turbocharger completely reached Lightweight The purpose of the first to see the shape is very exaggerated hood, the groove extends to the top of…


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BMW M3 modification

Although only just the beginning of summer, but Beijing has long temperatures up to thirty degrees, so people are always feeling full swing, how modification can bring you cool in the summer heat of some fresh feeling? Presumably most people a cool color is the real king, today we brought a perfect M3 modification cases.

Porsche 987 Cayman S

I want to take a girlfriend or wife teach a department store, but worried about parking ramp over the General Assembly ground to bumper.…


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M.Benz A250 Sport

Vehicle / Shadow (04) 768-1140

100 ~ 200km / h: 16.5 'power conversion continue to promote

Mainstream modified 2.0L direct-injection turbo engine external computer

Unlike A180 Style and set appearance A200 CDI Urban, A250 Sport inherited the Concept A-Class concept car diamond grille and front air dam at the front edge embed a distinctive red cross spoiler , decorated with a red circle and red calipers inside wheel, rear bilateral single out the exhaust pipe to fit the…


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Civic 9 carbon fiber

Whether stickers, water transfer or other means lines appear on the sheet metal parts, special pattern "carbon fiber" is always attractive, even if it is "pseudo" carbon fiber does not matter, the main cause of that is true because the carbon fiber racing always often, all of this material will be racing, supercar even favored the conversion market, because of lightweight carbon fiber has an important task in engine power to retain the original condition, body weight can be reduced, the…


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MINE'S Demo car

This trolley is constantly engaged in the track being, after all, there will be more demands on performance, remove MINE'S Spec-x 6.0 kit other than titanium tubing to be optional, and there is a large flow also from the MINE'S throttle, and transmission oil cooler from Willall and to solve the problem of high gearbox temperature, this may be a track for essential goods, brakes shock absorbers and other components are also made corresponding…


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Nissan cefiro (A31)

In fact, this is not a wealthy family A31 modified "step", which after several modifications, the use of a variety of brands, but the parts installed in the same location, or which is domestic "car factory" of destiny. It is now with the high-end HKS F-Con V Pro can drive to the computer, but before this is a TRUST's produced. On both before and after comparison, function, operation speed apparently "machine king" F-Con V Pro dominated, at least F-Con V Pro can directly control RB20DET…


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Czech team to build a BMW 1 Series Coupe GTR


BMW 1 series was introduced in 2004. 2007 car lines were small facelift, the members have a new image, while adding more version of the model, three Hatch is in this context that involved in the sale of. Hayabusa rods

Today, a series sold in Europe under the existing 3/5 door Hatch, COUPE,…


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