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Old Souls

I would like to share with you some 'random' excerpts from Tom Shroder's book "Old Souls'...

(Tom Shroder is a journalist that wrote this book about Stevenson's findings)

Ian Stevenson

"I came across an article about a Dr. Ian Stevenson, identified as the Carlson Professor of Psychiatry of Virginia Medical School, who had been investigating reports of past-life memories from a very different source: spontaneous, waking… Continue

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Recurrent Features of the Cases of Children who claim to remember previous lives

By Dr. Ian Stevenson's book Reincarnation and Biology Vol I

Dr. Ian Stevenson has been the head of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia.

"Each of the cases that I describe has individual strengths, and most have also some important weaknesses. I believe that the recurrence of certain features that are reported (in varying proportions in different… Continue

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Past Life Experience Through Children’s Spontaneous Recall

by Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (MD)

Scientific Research

The belief in past lives and reincarnation is part of Buddhist doctrine and is also found in various

religions and cultures in the world. However, the scientific validity of it was only available in the

nineteen sixties through the important pioneering work of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, a

professor in psychiatry from the University of Virginia, USA. He… Continue

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The Land of the Wells

It was the country of the wells. Any foreign visitor who came to this country would only see large, small, ugly, beautiful, rich and poor wells... Around the wells was little vegetation, the soil was dry.

Wells spoke to each other, but from some distance...they had always land in the middle. In fact, the only one who spoke was the mouth of the well: what you see at ground… Continue

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Pictures from Argentina

Patagonia (South Argentina)

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Pictures from Argentina II

Patagonia (South Argentina)

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The Magic of the Trees... La Magia de los Arboles...

Life can only be measured by the intensity with which people live and not by its duration. A butterfly lives only a few days, but this is the joy with which deploys its wings and the luminosity of its colors, in such a short time is done, it gives the best of itself ... "

The tree, by contrast, takes his time, drinks life in short drinks, he savored it slowly and solemn.

Somehow, the trees are out of time or pace of our time ...

"La vida… Continue

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