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Life is a battlefield.


Life is a battlefield.…


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My Father.


My dad, few words on you on your birthday…may you have many more years of happiness and good health which has always been your wealth..

Daddy.. I think this must have been my second word after mummy as it’s a bit difficult, always wanted to call you papa but had to follow the trend started by my sister.Ive never been so close to you but in some matters I always came to you for advice and emotional support and being a strong person you always gave me courage whenever I… Continue

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Its time to let go, so easily said but it really can be tough and painful, be it any kind of relationship.

As a small child we can never let go of our precious toys, feel insecure without our parents and want to cling on to them for support, love and feel safe and contented with them.

As we grow up, make friends who are so dear to us in our own way and we never want to let go of them because we share all our secrets with them, spend so much time with them.

Then… Continue

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Live with your dreams

What are dreams all about...? Something related to our thoughts or about unfulfilled desires, some wishes which haven’t come true or something about the past which takes the form of dreams.

It could be a compilation of all the above. Sometimes there are lot of instances from the past which we want to forget, some unpleasant memories which exist somewhere in our subconscious mind and disturbs us in our sleep.

Coming to the present, we often are troubled… Continue

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My trip Alone.


There’s a first time for everything in life, and nothing is as difficult as it seems like the first step we take or the first mountain that we climb.

Same was with me; I had never travelled alone in my entire life, either it with my family or friends. But there comes a time when we have to walk alone, could be the circumstances or some other reason.

Being on my own, travelling alone was a new experience for me and so very different and wonderful, gave me a… Continue

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If only I had wings, I would surely fly away into a world of love and peace.

If I had wings, I would fly up to the stars; reach up to the moon into a world of so much light and brightness.

If I had wings, I would fly away from all the miseries around me and just be on my own, live the way I wanted to and be free from all the troubles of everyday life, burdens of the past, worries about the future and just dwell in the present moment. Like a bird I would flutter around here and there… Continue

Added by poonam on May 22, 2009 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

Absolute Delight

What can be more delightful than being on this earth and live a meaningful life full of joys, sorrows, going through different experiences, situations and move along with it like the flowing river.

Nothing can be more delightful than watching a mother looking at her baby so adoringly, a part of her being someone’s whose her very own.Theres a special and a unique bonding between a mother and the child.

Can there be anything more delightful than being with your parents when they need… Continue

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Our World.

What our world comprises of and how do we make our life more contented.

What is our world made up of, who makes our world? People around us whom we care for and who love us or just everyone living around us. Let’s look into the matter and find out...

When we are born we look up to our parents for everything, all our needs and desires are fulfilled by them whether material or emotional so our parents mean the world to us, everything revolves around them and we know they will not… Continue

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Fear is all around us, unlimited fears which are internal like fear of being alone, loneliness, being abandoned, fear of losing our loved ones and external like materialistic fears and fear of height, darkness, water and above all fear of death.

Fear has become a part of our being, many of us have the fear of being attacked, going out in crowds and with so many unpleasant incidents taking place all around, so many terrorist attacks and bomb blasts, some unavoidable circumstances like… Continue

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Fear of Intimacy

All about relationships and intimacy...peace and happiness.

Many of us have this fear of intimacy…fear of relationships.

Definition of intimacy varies from person to person, it could be an emotional bonding and connecting to the other person whether its physical or mental and it is always a give and take process, the more u give the more u receive, its reaching out to the other person and the good moments you spend together, knowing each other irrespective of the fact how long… Continue

Added by poonam on November 23, 2008 at 2:30pm — 5 Comments

Mind and Heart

A beautiful combination of the mind and heart.

Why is our heart full of so much love n warmth ready to give all the time, why is our mind confused and overcrowded with thoughts, never at peace. Why is there a constant war between the mind n heart all the time, a never ending conflict... Do we have an answer to all these questions!

Some of us listen our mind and some do what their heart tells them to do, mind is practical and rational and heart is emotional and always demanding.… Continue

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Love and friendship.

Few words on love and friendship,a combination of the two can be so fulfilling making our life more contented.

Love and friendship, so similar and yet so different, so connected and yet so far away. Love is a feeling which comes direct from the heart so intense ,full of warmth and belonging whereas friendship is an understanding between two individuals, knowing each other and always there for each other in times of need…both can be beautiful in their own way.

Can we love and be… Continue

Added by poonam on November 16, 2008 at 12:01pm — 1 Comment

What do we need....

Needs of every human being varies from person to person.

A little love, a friendly gesture or a warm hug to make our day!

Why do we desire so much, is it the emptiness within us or the chaos around us.we want people around us all the time for strength and support and want to feel special all the time,why?Have ever asked yourself, if not then please do….and u will find all the answers hidden deep within your soul and you would be so much at peace with yourself. Its all within us,… Continue

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Loneliness is being alone, feeling alone with or without anyone. One can be lonely in a crowd too, is it merely a state of the mind or does it really exist..!

We should learn to be happy within ourselves or seek solace in some kind of occupation which brings peace to the mind, loneliness can leave an impact so intense, a strange emptiness which you may have to live with for the rest of your life...so we should not let it creep into our lives…its like a dark night after a bright day,… Continue

Added by poonam on November 16, 2008 at 11:00am — 5 Comments

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