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Fear of Intimacy

All about relationships and intimacy...peace and happiness.

Many of us have this fear of intimacy…fear of relationships.

Definition of intimacy varies from person to person, it could be an emotional bonding and connecting to the other person whether its physical or mental and it is always a give and take process, the more u give the more u receive, its reaching out to the other person and the good moments you spend together, knowing each other irrespective of the fact how long… Continue

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Mind and Heart

A beautiful combination of the mind and heart.

Why is our heart full of so much love n warmth ready to give all the time, why is our mind confused and overcrowded with thoughts, never at peace. Why is there a constant war between the mind n heart all the time, a never ending conflict... Do we have an answer to all these questions!

Some of us listen our mind and some do what their heart tells them to do, mind is practical and rational and heart is emotional and always demanding.… Continue

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Love and friendship.

Few words on love and friendship,a combination of the two can be so fulfilling making our life more contented.

Love and friendship, so similar and yet so different, so connected and yet so far away. Love is a feeling which comes direct from the heart so intense ,full of warmth and belonging whereas friendship is an understanding between two individuals, knowing each other and always there for each other in times of need…both can be beautiful in their own way.

Can we love and be… Continue

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What do we need....

Needs of every human being varies from person to person.

A little love, a friendly gesture or a warm hug to make our day!

Why do we desire so much, is it the emptiness within us or the chaos around us.we want people around us all the time for strength and support and want to feel special all the time,why?Have ever asked yourself, if not then please do….and u will find all the answers hidden deep within your soul and you would be so much at peace with yourself. Its all within us,… Continue

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Loneliness is being alone, feeling alone with or without anyone. One can be lonely in a crowd too, is it merely a state of the mind or does it really exist..!

We should learn to be happy within ourselves or seek solace in some kind of occupation which brings peace to the mind, loneliness can leave an impact so intense, a strange emptiness which you may have to live with for the rest of your life...so we should not let it creep into our lives…its like a dark night after a bright day,… Continue

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