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Its time to let go, so easily said but it really can be tough and painful, be it any kind of relationship.

As a small child we can never let go of our precious toys, feel insecure without our parents and want to cling on to them for support, love and feel safe and contented with them.

As we grow up, make friends who are so dear to us in our own way and we never want to let go of them because we share all our secrets with them, spend so much time with them.

Then… Continue

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Live with your dreams

What are dreams all about...? Something related to our thoughts or about unfulfilled desires, some wishes which haven’t come true or something about the past which takes the form of dreams.

It could be a compilation of all the above. Sometimes there are lot of instances from the past which we want to forget, some unpleasant memories which exist somewhere in our subconscious mind and disturbs us in our sleep.

Coming to the present, we often are troubled… Continue

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