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Here is my personal blog which I use to share my experiences and thoughts. I would be very grateful if you could take a look :) I talk about pretty much anything but have many posts regarding works of peace or love and also write a frequent Philosophy series which is updated regularly.

Peace 'n' Love

Rich x

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Love is keeping me alive!

I just have to make an attempt to express the love I feel for my amazing, beautiful girlfriend, Charlotte x x x

We've been together just over a year and I never thought I would feel so much love for one person, and genuinely love them over anyone or anything else! We've been through a lot of tough times together in the space of a year, but I love her more than I ever have! I am just trying to share the love and happiness she has given me with everyone I meet, because she has changed… Continue

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Biscuits = Peace!

Probably the least spiritual blog ever....

I'm sittin' here at home with a bad back, I decided to get a lift home from school early because I was in too much pain. So I wacked the kettle on, got out the biscuits, I was a bit stressed, and realised that biscuits solve many many problems! It is my opinion that we should have one day say, every month, when we sit down with a few people they could be complete strangers, and share a pack of biscuits! Because no matter what the problem is… Continue

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Peaceful time is here

The perfect moment passes

Yet lasts forever

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