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Higher Level of Understanding

All is in a Greater purpose to the Journey we choose to except and take to a Higher level of understanding. We have the power to fulfill all that we choose to Love and be Loved. Forgiveness is a Blessing in it's pure form all by it's self. The Aloha spirit is everywhere you choose to send it in it's pure form. Be true to you and all you serve to be that Great being with a pure Heart. My Love of understanding is that we are all creators given the choice to be free in our Hearts, Minds, Bodies… Continue

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Poetry at it's Best: All that is natural through the Depths of Darkness to find the Light within.

The time is a sense of what the darkness brings us.
It is not of the Darkness that all will come to see.
It is to seek what we fail to feel that is within.
It is within that we shall find what we seek.
It is time to seek for the light within your Darkness.
Go into all things that are natural within you.
It is then you will find that Light.

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