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Congratulations on selecting one of our exceptional wood products for your fencing.waterproof decking board material Despite all the choices on the market today, wood is still the preferred fencing material over vinyl and other options. Wood’s exceptional beauty blends into the environment for a natural look, or may be stained for a custom appearance. Its durability means it will retain its good looks year after year.



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On the status and prospects of China's new wood materials

WPC after two years of promotion, from Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing, the Confucius Temple, Xuanwu Lake, Huangshan, Taiwan and other scenic Bali Bay National Scenic Area, the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo venues, to the United Kingdom, the United States, France and other European countries, are You can see the application of WPC products become more common, widespread. WPC after two years of promotion, from Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing, the Confucius Temple, Xuanwu Lake, Huangshan, Taiwan…


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floor interior decoration

Wallpaper and floor interior decoration of the two main characters are, where green wallpaper, and cork flooring is becoming wallpaper and floor family star. Professionals suggest that green wallpaper, and cork flooring as the use of appropriate, will be able to freely create a personalized home style. Green wallpaper wallpaper is the new darling of the new darling of the modern home decoration, it is not only beautiful, durable, full of artistic sense, but also to our lives comfortable and…


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Why wood floor will be welcome

With the advancement of China's energy development strategy of environmental protection, a lot of waste plastics processing has become an obstacle to the social development of a major problem. Plus began to gradually reduce the country's forest resources, now the world's environment is threatened, in order to reduce the wood waste, must find a material to replace wood. In this case, how will the waste plastic recycling Po has become a more and more people pay attention to the issue.…


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three-layer parquet feature

Three parquet on China Development Forum, the country has been relatively Shaorenwenjin three parquet pushed to below the experts and the public eye, including the "Power Dekor", "Nature" and other flooring industry leading enterprises floor, including 13 enterprises to promote three parquet. Nearly a month past, the reporter visited a number of large home building materials stores in Guangzhou found that the market for the new wood floor is still rare, in pure solid wood flooring based…


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Quality characteristics of wood railing

Wood products used in raw material is wood flour, agriculture, forestry, straw and other plant fiber as the base material, without any additional harmful ingredients. And re-use of recyclable, called environmental protection, energy conservation, resource recycling in the true sense of new products, and its extensive use of WPC, WPC Railing WPC is one of the main purposes of the new materials manufacturers are Factory Outlet wood railings, its products both on quality or price has great…


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the intelligent characteristic symmetrical

The intelligent characteristic symmetrical balance of five-layer structure and the substrate mutually stable, self-regulation to eliminate the internal stress due to indoor temperature, humidity, moisture and other environmental causes, ensuring a solid floor in the best condition. Dekor wood flooring product structure to perform the highest level of health level of E0, truly in line with national health levels. Environmental health is Power Dekor has the advantage, but this advantage has…


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High-performance wood products

Wood and wood products with the same processing performance, nails, drilling, cutting, bonding, nails or bolts to connect fixed, the surface smooth and delicate, without sanding and painting, its good paint adhesion, also based on personal like painting. WPC products have better physical properties than wood, better stability than the timber size, rarely cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, adding a coloring agent, a film or a composite surface layer can be made of colorful a variety of…


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decorative wood

Currently, it is fitting season, maybe you turn to dress warm home and get busy. For flooring choice, of course should not be hasty, what kind of tone textures? What kind of material varieties can bring you a trace of warmth it? Or look at the latest fashion ranking: The wood ants. The preferred course, wood ants, black walnut furniture, decorative wood ants floor is nowadays the mainstream, it will even become a distinctive feature of this era. Favored wood ants may be a knock-on effect,…


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materials industry

Production areas: building materials industry also "OEM" "OEM building materials are also popular, smallpox industry is hype." Ceiling domestic industry a brand founder, said, "There are a lot of building materials factory is only a sign, and no plants. Some of a company, a staff, a brand, all the boss kicked Such data printing plant will hype, even marked foreign joint venture brands. Information on these brands are not factory photos, or get a computerized map to coax people. These brands…


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Laminate flooring and flooring 2 What is the difference?

Composite Deck Garden Box are generally divided into solid wood flooring, parquet and laminate flooring. That laminate flooring and laminate flooring What is the difference? Flooring how? Laminate flooring is laminate flooring we mentioned above. Flooring including laminate flooring and parquet flooring in two. The difference between laminate flooring and laminate flooring is that laminate flooring including laminate…


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WPC and ordinary wood Big compare

WPC is one on the market in recent years began to fade in the fire of the new material, on the use of wood materials, many people do not know how to choose. Because the contrast of wood, the wood material after all unfamiliar. So today Xiaobian to tell you the big contrast WPC and ordinary wood: wood products can do maintenance. Wood in one year which in general needs to be done to maintain or brushing paint. affordable patio…


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how much how much money one square laminate flooring 1

Affected by various factors, strengthening the composite decking prices gold coast price is not unified. That is how much the price of laminate flooring? Laminate flooring how much a square? Laminate flooring laminate flooring price list described below how much money one square? Strengthen the floor price is generally between 80 to 300 yuan / square meters, the floor price difference strengthening is mainly determined by the…


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a major reason to attract consumers

In addition, the German technology has been a major reason to attract consumers, the reporter to incomplete statistics, now in Beijing's court and be able to see imported from Germany, the German Technical concerned about the following several brands: Acer resistance, the EU Code, Golden Eagle Iger, butterflies, too high, Auman, the European people, Oulang, particularly good and so on. The survey by Reporters interviewed found, in part, flown in from Germany, part of a German production…


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WPC will eventually replace the solid wood products

China is a timber resource-poor countries, due to the excessive felling of trees green barrier destruction, dust storms intensified, so the current government attaches particular importance to recycling of resources and protecting the ecological environment, which is the development of wood products to create a very good Great environment. flooring for rooftop decks

WPC material is a new building only appeared in…


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Strengthen the life of the floor to extend the life coup

composite decking manufacturers natural comfort, environmental protection, good sound effects and other advantages by people of all ages, but the wood floor is easy to use for a long time to change, shorter life expectancy, how to maintain our floor, the following sources of ancient floor to teach you how to extend the life of laminate flooring coup?

1, to strengthen the life of flooring - laminate flooring remove dust…


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Solid wood furniture and natura

Solid wood furniture and natural does not necessarily equate necessarily. Redwood professional branch of China National Furniture Association Tian pointed out that as many primary scarcity of wood, so now with the entire board, which is the case of a large piece of wood, solid wood furniture has to do less and less. Solid wood furniture raw materials, some of which are two or more blocks of wood stick into veneer, there are some wood chip bonding after skinning. This production method will…


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How to install wood flooring

Wood floor due to a fire, long service life, safety and environmental protection and other features are as modern people seeking an alternative high quality of life, but in recent years the number of wood flooring appear in a variety of home decoration is more and more, so, when we happily buy wood floor from the market, how to install it correctly it? synthetic deck covering

Do not worry, you announced today…


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Laminate Flooring advantages and know before purchase

Wood and hardwood decking board available on the screws combines the advantages of both strengthening common floor, has become the most popular floor choice of consumers. Existing wood flooring natural texture, texture and elasticity, but also to reinforce the strengths of resistance to deformation of the floor easy to clean features. Laminate flooring and laminate flooring, like do not hit the keel, just like leveling, but…


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WPC railing construction and installation is to pay attention to detail

WPC because of environmental decay and other quality performance has been widely applied to various industries, which is now more commonly used wood floors and wood railing used. So WPC railing use the time to pay attention to what the details of it? Today small to give you a simple analysis: retailer of rpl plastic lumber in singapore

A: 1, according to the calculation crossed, calculation accuracy is higher; 2, a…


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