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“Anywhere people need to feel connected, I bring my drums and show them that connecting with people is easy. And yes, we can work together as humans to create magic. Rhythm succeeds where words often fail.”

It was one day before the attack into Gaza, and I came into iPeace with no idea of what was about to happen. I was excited to see the constructive energy of this network, to feel the vision of its founder, to take the pulse of its vibrantly creative… Continue

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Barack Obama and the flow of Universal Spirit

From the first moment I heard Barack Obama speaking, though his venue is politics, I felt that he was emerging as a "voice of interfaith". I watched on television as he announced his candidacy, I joined his web network the day it was put on line. I followed his amazing campaign, as he organized the most powerful political network in American political history. I watched him as he appeared on hundreds of stages and platforms, repeating his positive and visionary message, in a humble and… Continue

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Harmonic Entrainment Under Infinite Voltage

I can feel the ground moving. Obama is coming into Washington DC, Hillary in Thailand told me this morning that we're shifting into Aquarius, I can feel it in my body. There is a tremendous readiness in our collective evolution. We are ready for something -- poised, prepared, passionately crying out, knowing.

I read this blog post on Emergence this morning. It's so direct, so to the point. That call is directly received in… Continue

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Many Voices / One Truth / Spirit of the World

Through our Global Resonance Network project, we have built a database of more than 11,000 quotations on universal spirituality and oneness, taken from more than 600 references.

As this project has grown, it has become my own personal "bible", my own best single source of spiritual truth and insight.

This project was built through the work of one person, a lady with brilliant instincts and bottomless heart, who entered every bit of this information through a slow telephone… Continue

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January 9, 2009

All over the world, and bursting forth today from its underground co-creative crucible into clear public discussion, there is a dawning excitement everywhere regarding the creative power and wisdom of collective human genius.

The election of Obama seems to have sparked the vision or wild hope that something almost divine or magical may be in the air. We have prayed, we have read and studied, we have gathered together in small groups everywhere, we have been… Continue

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The Philosophy of Community


- Everyone who wishes to be is included in our community; there are no a priori conditions for involvement or participation

- There is no a priori ideology on issues; every social and professional class of people is included, regardless of background or ideology


- Humanity is highly diverse, in innumerable ways

- We embrace diversity, and see in it a source of strength and vitality

- We respect the differences between human beings;… Continue

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