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Heart Attack

Last week I had a heart attack. That came as a complete shock! It left me wondering if I'm asleep or fully awake.

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I was attacked by my girlfriend's ex tonight. He probably expected me to
strike back, but I didn't. I separated myself from him. He just paced
around in the same area and then went away.

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Old Computer

In November my old computer crashed. I got a new one the same month. Now it's about a month later, and I'm going to Georgia tomorrow for about two weeks. That's where I was born. Today I learned that I should be back in New Mexico by 2010.

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The New Year

In the new year,
Be full of good cheer.
From war and crime take a permanent rest
So this world can be at its best.
Try not to choke
When laughing at a funny joke.
Please do what you should,
And be good!

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A long, long time ago, in a state far, far away, I was run over by a car. That put me in a coma, which was a barrier I had to overcome. My parents took me to the hospital, and after an ambulance took me to another hospital I was put on a respirator. I was given very little or no chances of ever overcoming the barrier of the coma, but no one knew the Force was with me. I only spent two months in the coma. I overcame that barrier at home.

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Nothing Abnormal

Why can’t people see
There’s nothing abnormal about having a disability?
Whether you’re blind or sighted,
You’re not blighted.
People shouldn’t balk
At those who can’t walk or talk.
Some people stare at us,
But there’s no need to make such a fuss.
People with disabilities are part of the crew;
We’re people, too!

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Too Talented For Love?

Am I too talented for love?
Am I too far up above?
Am I in romantic outer space
Far above the human race?
How much of a potential girlfriend’s “I love you”
Is actually true?
Whether or not romantic love is mine
Seems to depend on me being fine.
True love forever should be,
You see.
True love is clear,
But breaking up is a pain in the rear.

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