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Indian Humanitarian Drive - reloaded


Have you ever been disappointed in donating to charities because you can't SEE what good your money is doing ?


What if you could watch inspiring videos of people being assisted with your donations ?


This is what the IHD project is all about. This undertaking is unique in that the relief workers in India are required to post videos of their efforts on the main site. 


At this time, there are two teams working on their first relief effort…


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Indian Humanitarian Drive

Dear Friend,
After the recent efforts made by Mr Narayanan Krishnan in India to relieve the massive suffering in the country, the thought occurred that someone should assist this saint as there is not enough of this work being done.
A job at…

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My friends, I need your help!

Hi Everyone,

I write this letter to you in the hope that you will read and it and let it\'s words sink deep into your heart:

We NEED to find SOMEONE out there who can help out a friend with $10 a month and some long-distance healing.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to to hear that Please Help Missing Children (PHMC, http://helpthesechildren.ning.com) is in…


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For the last three weeks or so I have been asking the universe for the answer to these questions:

What is it that we struggle with SO much ?…


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The "Secret" of Success - It's all about Helping Others

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is this;

"What can *I* contribute to the world ?"

What gift can YOU give others ?

Is it your Talent ? Ability ? Insight ? Knowledge ? Your eye for beauty? - What ?

It is only when you find that and successfully GET IT OUT THERE (and that's where the *marketing* comes in), that you will start to see a reward for your efforts.

A great many people are dissatisfied with their… Continue

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The Marketing Center (http://marketingcenter.ning.com) is the last remaining site (that I know of) that allows one to share blogs and discussionswith ALL their friends across all networks. If ning find out, they may remove this feature and it would be a great loss for us all...

It doesn't affect us in any other way and it MAY not happen (God I hope not anyway...)

That's all I was trying to point out.... I would just hate to lose… Continue

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This is a long one - nearly 2 hours...

Government Lies - Zero

Movement for Global Peace - ONE

Please share… Continue

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Site takeover

To whom it may concern,

I have heard rumours this site is going to be shut down, to wit: (recieved from "Paris" - a member here)

...."It is unfortunate that this site might have to close, but perhaps someone who has the time and energy can take it over. There has to be a solution, other than disappointment. Please look for it for the sake of peace and love. Paris"

This is probably fear mongering, but if there is ANY element of truth to this, I would consider ti… Continue

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