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~Blue Electric Night,

Saturday, July 25, 2009~

Celebrating "Peace Thru Culture" in over 90 countries around the globe!

Around the planet,

the Day Out Of Time is reserved for festival and community,

celebration of being alive and the experience of true timelessness.

"The Day out of Time" is always synchronized with July 25th.

Based on the galactic timing cycles… Continue

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Solar Eclipse

The New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse is on Tues July 21, Blue Crystal Storm

To clarify, the partial eclipse begins at 4:58 PM pacific time

and the moment of greatest eclipse occurs at 7:35 PM pacific time,

so there is a whole window in which to cast our new moon prayers and intentions! Apparently normally a new moon impacts us for 2 weeks, but with the addition of the eclipse, its affects will ripple for about 6 months!

In UTC timezone:

Partial eclipse 23:58:18… Continue

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Greetings Family of Light

I wanted to share another reminder about tomorrow's New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse: July 22 4:58pm pacific time, Blue Crystal Storm.

It is being called the Solar Eclipse of the Century!

As Daniel Giamario writes: " When determined by length (six minutes 39 seconds) and centrality (the umbra only 275 miles north of the center of the earth) the total solar eclipse of July 21 through July 22 is rightly called the Solar Eclipse of the Century. None… Continue

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May we all find our way gracefully through this time of prophecy;
May our spiritual guides reveal the path we are to walk that we may grow;
May our hearts flower with the truth of our beauty;
May abundance dawn for all;
May we all be in right relationship;
May we be in harmony with our Earth and our Universe;
May we all be inspired by the light and joy of our True Loving Nature.

In lak'ech - I am Another Yourself,

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