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I had wanted to have another dog for many years. I wanted a dog which would be loyal, easy to train, intelligent, a watch dog not a guard dog, impressive in mind and body. One day I stumbled across a picture of a Shiloh Shepherd. I could not stop looking at the picture. It featured a group of shepherds who were eye popping to look at. Some of them were shorthaired or what I later learned is called smooth coated, and some of them were long haired, or plush if you will.

The plush… Continue

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Some times we all take a little fall.

In 1995 I considered myself to bean athletic person. I biked sixty miles on free the weekends, hiked, walked three miles every day, even when I was 9 months pregnant I swam a mile every day to stay in shape for the birth, and water skied every chance I got. I grew up on a lake and spent every summer there until I was in my early thirties.

Life seemed to change for my family when the camp where my summer adventures existed was sold. Not too long after gangs moved into our town and… Continue

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What is a Hedgewitch?

If you ask a Hedgewitch to explain her path each one would give you a different explanation of exactly it means to them to be one. Like all paths this path is not a narrow path. For me my path is very much like the explanation I will be posting below. The explanation was written by Sally Morningstar. What makes me stand out from most Hedgewitches is I do not do a lot with herbs. Yes I grow them, Yes I have extensive gardens, and yes my connection is more with nature than any pantheon. I am not… Continue

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