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The Spiritual and All-Inclusive Concept of Oneness

We are all one. If you incorporate this one concept into your thinking and belief process you cannot help but serve your fellow man all the rest of your days. When I say that we are all one, I am not saying that we are all the same. We are all individuals in the sense that the three-part being that we are in the realm of this physical world is unique and distinct from all the other three-part beings that occupy this planet. We are here with the same mission, which…


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Removing the Veil

Your Spiritual Heart - As you ascend from the third dimension to higher dimensions of being, different aspects of your spiritual body are being activated. You become more aware of your spiritual nature and gain a new perspective of your journey. Your are more present in your Source connection and remove the veil between the spiritual and material worlds, with access to new possibilities for your reality.…


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Steps to Peace Consciousness

by Deepak Chopra -

1. Change doesn't start on the surface. It's generated from consciousness. This has been true throughout history. If both Buddhism and Christianity could begin with one person, let us not think in terms of numbers and odds. It may sound grandiose to compare ourselves to great spiritual guides, but we act collectively, as an alliance. Our strength comes from critical mass.

2. We…


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