10 December 2008 - Human Rights Day - Share your thoughts

60 years after the Declaration of Human Rights was signed, too many in this world aren't enjoying the most basic ones. Please watch the videos and share your thoughts.

Please share your thoughts

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Comment by Haile Tareke Gezahegn on December 13, 2008 at 12:44pm
What so ever say and think people shoud be free to express what they feel and think. If human and democratic rights are brigded to some one, people always unhappy and leads to conflict. so, I understand and believe the human rights declaration be in the right position.
I agree the following aphosrism be true. "If you want it done right, you may as well do it yourself." It is we inthis planet can change the traditional thinking, and see all thing in the right way. We all of us should work hard for the declaration in practice.

Haile Tareke
Comment by Elizabeth Bennett on December 11, 2008 at 6:06pm
Hi, I am not able to get sound on the computer I am currently using so cannot hear anything from the videos. However, even though the human rights exists in our nation, not everyone is living them and what they entitle. When someone is bullied and abused by their peers by someone else, that is a violation of human rights. We need to be punishing those who invade these rights of others, not those who have them stolen in the first place. This happen far too much in our society.
Comment by Tree on December 11, 2008 at 8:12am
Thank you for the invitation to iPiece. We all must learn how to live PEACE, not only in our minds and hearts, but in our everyday LIVES. When meeting people who are the same as we are and the others who are different, but still the SAME as we are. Peace with all of us!!!
Comment by Jen Scott on December 11, 2008 at 4:53am
I share my birthday with Human Rights Day, so I feel kind of priviliged. It is also the day they annouced the Nobel Prizes too. Anyway the rights of humans.......what do I think and feel about it. I see many people attempting to control and supress others in order to control their world, maybe to stop the anxiety they feel inside. This happens with family and friends all the time, it is a constant awareness to be honest about it.

So when we see injustice in other parts of the world and also closer to home I wonder if there is as least a little bit of projection going on. So if we have the courage to deal with the small ways in which we violate human rights (those of ourselves as well as others) in a daily basis, well maybe just maybe we start a revolution in our own living rooms, by being better role models to the up and coming generation.

Charity begins at home, but then it goes out and spreads out and forms networks with all those other families that have started within.

All Peace Love and Happiness to our brothers and sisters in this world.
Comment by Elsie Iglesias on December 11, 2008 at 12:48am
hello, in my opinion all human being has such right, does not concern the social class, neither the level of inteligecia, nor intellect, all human being must be repetado and to have right to the minimum physiologicas necessities of the life, health, feeding, and house. thanks Elsie
Comment by Nadi Ipp on December 10, 2008 at 10:46pm
Make Human Rights Personal
1) wisdom, honour, reverence - We are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
2) discernment, truth, justice - We are endowed with reason and conscience.
3) compassion, responsibility, respect - We should act in the spirit of brotherhood.
4) tolerance, consideration, care - We have rights without distinction of any kind.
5) purposefulness, honour, appreciation - Restore cultural values and self worth.
Choice is the cutting edge of now. Each individual can call these universal virtues to themselves to build:
Unity, Cooperation, Freedom and Trust - Ubuntu
www.virtuesproject.com : http://nadiipp.googlepages.com/
Comment by Issam Sammour on December 10, 2008 at 10:23pm
It is clear to all and without doubt there is a serious violation of human rights by the Israeli army during the siege of Gaza and prevent movement and the movement of people crossings, which exacerbated the suffering of more than one million and a half million people, let alone electricity and prevent the entry of medicines and humanitarian aid, I think this sentence Collective contrary to international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention is why I say that Israel's continued detention of approximately 11,000 prisoners in jails without trials and not just health care but have violated human rights in Israel, traveled to stifle freedoms and political arrests by the security forces exercising in Gaza Bank of the article and the government of hampering efforts prosperity and respect for human rights of the Palestinians in any case, Israel's continuing implementation of the policy is actually helping the spread of violence and the killing of peace opportunities and lead only to greater suffering to the Palestinians that LALLIOT may be an important occasion toward respecting the rights of Palestinians by the Government I call on Israel and the world on that day to look at the suffering of many Palestinians here in the besieged Gaza
Comment by Dr. Amy Eisenberg on December 10, 2008 at 10:22pm
Dear Friends,

Tibetans and Tibet Supporters in the Bay Area will gather for a candlelight vigil tonight from 7-9pm at the Downtown Berkeley Bart Station to honor the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & 19th Anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1989.

The Candlelight vigil is also an occasion to remember all the innocent Tibetans and world citizens who have been killed by repressive governments, human hatred and man-made wars in our recent past. We will gather to pray for those killed, lost family and friends in senseless acts of violence, and for all those who languish in prison cells of Tibet and other countries for simply demanding their basic human rights.

Please do join us and bring friends on this momentous day. Below are some direct actions you can take to support human rights in Tibet. Please pass them along to friends.

Human Rights for All!


Just days ago, we learned that Paljor Norbu,
an 81-year-old man and printer of traditional Tibetan Buddhist
texts, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for printing Tibetan flags.

Read Human Rights
Watch's press release calling for international action on Paljor
Norbu's behalf:
http://www.studentsforafreetibet.org/article.php?id=1737 . The
unjust sentencing of Paljor Norbu, and so many other Tibetans,
is part of China's intensifying crackdown against the Tibetan
people's basic human rights.

Below are ways you can take action for human rights in Tibet:

* Send the letter below to the Chinese authorities demanding the
release of Paljor Norbu.
* In addition to taking action for Paljor Norbu, sign the
Facebook petition to free Leaving Fear Behind filmmaker, Dhondup
Wangchen. Help us reach our goal of 20,000 signatures:
* Call the Chinese authorities in Beijing and Lhasa this evening
(with the time change it will already be Human Rights Day in
China) and call for an end to China's crackdown in Tibet and the
release of Tibetan political prisoners. Contact information is
here: www.studentsforafreetibet.org/article.php?id=1235
* Write to the Chinese authorities on behalf of Paljor Norbu,
Dhondup Wangchen and other Tibetan political prisoners:
www.studentsforafreetibet.org/profilesofcourage . For contact
information, go to:
* Call your government representatives and ask them to show
support for Tibet. For contact information and a downloadable
letter, go to: www.studentsforafreetibet.org/humanrightsday
If you live in the United States, please make sure to remind
your elected or re-elected congressional representative of
Americans' overwhelming support for Tibet and let them know that
you will be contacting them further about this pressing global
issue in the new year.
* Take part in a Human Rights Day protest or event nearest you:

You can take action on this alert either via email (please see
directions below) or via the web at:

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

We encourage you to take action by January 7, 2010

Speak out for Tibet on Human Rights Day!

Dechen Tsering
Tibetan Association of Northern California
Berkeley, CA

"Wisdom reveals I am nothing,
Love reveals I am everything,
In between the two, my life flows."
Comment by Joey J on December 10, 2008 at 8:33pm
I'm going to open up again and could get myself in trouble again. When I was Younger I got sick and was put in a state run mental hospital. Back then I think they still did experments on people to see how medications work. Also there were people being kept there because of belifs and people that people didn't want to see because they were diffrent. Things have changed but back then alot of the things I saw done were very cruel. Over medication was the norm and since then I haven't seen people being medicated the same since. It use to be that half the people on the ward were zombies. I heard the ward I was on was left over from the sixties when I think they did experments on people. I survied and don't want to make a fuss but theres alot of stuff I can't tell people and have them understand. I have noone to blame for being there and I know the job they do is tough it just seems like back then there were some human rights that were violated. I definately think they do a better job now.
Comment by Johnnie on December 10, 2008 at 7:50pm
Ther is a very great rule that is written nearly word for word in every known religion and part of most indigenous peoples heritage worldwide....it is said to be made of Gold..but it is much more precious than Gold......
do nothing to someone or anything that you would not like done to yourself...I believe that if more people simply became Golden Rulers....many problems would start to diminish...and it is so easy and gratifying...thank you...Golden Ruler...Johnnie Hargrave

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