What have I gotten from iPeace?

1. Lots of great positive ideas
2. Met lots of wonderful international people
3. Been informed of so many things outside my own smallish type world
4. Seen how many people are really involved in promoting peace
5. Seen how easy it is to be misunderstood! Even on internet, and even without really trying...it just happens (mainly because we are writing and not speaking face to face)
6. Have found a place where people can exchange ideas about how to create peace, how to help others, how to be compassionate.
7. Have found a place where I can write in English and be understood by English speaking people (I do live in a country where I speak Italian, not my own mother tongue, English)
8. Have met people who have many difficulties but have courage and hope and passion to try to overcome it.
9. Have had the immense joy of creating the 15,000 Stories group that has given me so much pleasure due to marvelous and sensitive writers.
10. Have made friends that will last even if one day iPeace disappears.
11. Have had much help in life problems, just by asking people here their own opinions. - opinions that have come from wise, caring and sensitive souls.
BUT I have also given to ipeace and in the process....
1. I have often had problems with my neck, arm, back, due to all the sitting and typing.
2. I have slept less, checking mail, answering mail, translating stories for the story group.
3. I have let many things in my personal life go for months...including living in a much messier house. I dedicated lots of hours to the group, because it really has meant a lot to me (15,000 Stories)
4. I have tried to solve problems between people, that have often come up. Sometimes I have been directly involved, but sometimes I have been a third party trying to help people comunicate, something I love.
5. I have tried lately to solve some problems with this website....it should continue, and lots of us are working on keeping it afloat.
6. I have brought so many words of wisdom, stories, biographical notes about members on this website to my dinner table at home, to my family. It is so easy to admire, love, appreciate PEOPLE of all countries, of all ages, whether in good health or not, whether older or younger.....this is such a unique occasion!!!
7. I have had one member "dis-friend" me, leaving me nervous for a day, tried to patch it up (with Sue's help and wisdom as always) but it just didn't work. I have been misunderstood, slightly offended, talked badly to. But basically, most people have been very wonderful and have comunicated until we both understand where the problem was.
8. I have enriched my life
9. I repeat, I will never be the same person as I was before...thanks to this site.
10. I have found that even on the internet, there can be something totally wonderful, something that one man created....iPeace.

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Comment by Lana on May 23, 2010 at 4:24pm
Thanks Steph for your invitation, here are mine:
1. Whenever I am stuck for inspiration, I come here and re-awaken my ideas about peace.
2. Amazement at all the wonderful people here and the wonderful things they do.
3. Widened my consciousness, in as many ways as there are people.
4. A chance to examine my own paranoia, from time to time.
5. The opportunity to state my opinions when I really needed to.
6. Got to know some of the amazing hordes of people at a deeper level (including Sue).
7. Acquired information for some of my astrological researches.
8. Been directed to new and interesting books about non-violent communication and by authors who have overcome adversity.
9. Joined Candle4Tibet and Women for a Change networking sites.
10. Gained a more global perspective, one based on oneness and peace.
BUT I have also given to ipeace where I could…a small contribution which I can’t enumerate in the same way as Stephanie. I like to think though that all contributions are gratefully accepted, however small. That all people are accepted here. I like to think I am a drop in the ocean of a movement which sincerely wants to see peace in the world.
Comment by Lana on May 12, 2010 at 2:08pm
Thank you Stephanie, for reminding me of all the ways ipeace has enriched my life.
I care passionately about peace, and whenever I am stuck for inspiration, I come here and re-awaken my ideas about peace.
Much love to you and thanks for all the work you do,

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