Dear friends,

to my understanding iPeace marks a clear shift from the rather status- and narrow-minded "Me-Myself-and-I !" attitude (mainly used for informational "spin-slugfests") towards a mutually shared global "WE-Myself-and-WHY(not?) "perception instead, with a clear focus on WISDOM...

iPeace stands for me as my and everybody's loving "I.nmost P.ersonal E.ndeavor for A.uthenticity, C.ontenance and E.mpathy" in the world....

Hence, the WorldShift Network driven by the renowned and prestigious Club of Budapest enunciates "The global Wisdom Culture" as follows:

"Although we have probably the best knowledge which ever existed on earth, we still don’t know what keeps the bodies of the stars floating in space. Knowledge without the wisdom of the HEART is about to lead us into a dictatorship of those who today have access to knowledge, technology and resources.

We support the shift from brain-focused knowledge, which is based on the metaphor of problems, to heart-centered wisdom, which connects us with values, vision, and knowing.

300 years ago in the western world Enlightenment discovered individuality and reason and addressed the magical and irrational beliefs of the crowd. Enlightenment has created new superstitions like positivism, materialism, capitalism and atheism. Now Enlightenment has to make a second step and open up for ”the physics of the non-material world“. Also it must [e.n.: excessively learn from that and learn to] integrate the perspectives of non-western cultures which have [e.n.: incomprehensively] been left out by the first step of Enlightenment or suffered from its colonialistic and technocratic [e.n.: and spiritual] misinterpretation.
Different from the world’s teachings about wisdom throughout time, wisdom itself cannot be taught. But we can provide the cultural environment in which wisdom will prosper. This very process is in itself an act of wisdom.
Maybe the last minute has come where it is possible to stop the downward trend and transform planet earth into the world, for which the most noble emotional, intellectual and spiritual abilities of humans are meant.
Considering this the WorldShift Network will be guided by human abilities which have been neglected for a long time: self-awareness, compassion and wisdom. Thus the WorldShift Network is ready to help giving birth to a new global culture, deeply imbued with spirit, fully aware of and supporting the evolution of global consciousness, inspired by love, and preserving and fostering life."

and )

P.S.: For deeper insight see also my BLOG (in my profile) on how to gain and foster spiritual "WISDOM through Man's search for MEANING"....

Feel free to comment.....

Heart.ful greetings

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Comment by Dirk Boehmer on July 27, 2009 at 1:33pm
THAT's a real COOL one !!! ;-))
Thanks, Apolonia!
Comment by Apolonia on July 17, 2009 at 12:32pm

Next version of PEACE meaning ...
Comment by Devanayagi Parameswaran on December 8, 2008 at 7:14pm
When speaking of peace, first we have to find it by first discovering peace within. Then as a women we have become a true Yogini, and start building a society that seek peace. '

It will take a true Yogini to Save Mother Earth, for women and the Earth alike are sources of energy, vitality, and sustenance, providing physical and spiritual well-being.

They can work either alone or through their Yogi; it is her grace and forthright that will help save the world.

There has been many great Yoginis in all culture of the World. Like St. Clare in Christianity, and Hazrat Babajan (c. 1806 - September 18, 1931) was a Baloch Muslim saint, and many more can be mentioned.

Traditional India Tantra is the redeeming feature to save Mother Earth

Tantric scholars have written about the human Yogini as an independent, outspoken, forthright woman with a gracefulness of spirit. She is the feminine counterpart of the great Yoga and carries similar insights, faculties and energies but with a special beauty, grace and delight.

Besides great Yogis, there is a tradition of great Yoginis, either along with yogis or on their own. For example, Mahavatar Babaji, the great immortal guru of Kriya Yoga is said to have such a Yogini counterpart.

Tantric texts honor both women and the Earth alike as sources of energy, vitality, and sustenance, providing physical and spiritual well-being. The Divine Mother holds the key to all lasting regeneration in this ecological age of strife and turbulence. Reconnecting with the sacred feminine energy of the universe allows
us to restore the Divine balance within ourselves celebrating the Devi power, mystery and magic of transformation through which all life breathes and evolves. In our surrender, we can together save Mother Earth.

In Hindu thought, the Yogini represents the Yoga Shakti herself, the Kundalini or serpent power, which she embodies. The Yogini is also the foremost of the resident powers or female Deities of the different chakras (called Dakinis) through which the chakras are energized. The yogini possesses the inner power of Yoga and can awaken it in others, not only generally but at any point or place in the body or mind where she directs her attention.


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