Peace, not from the perspective of the mind.

Greetings all!
To beginn with I must adress that my perspective comes from that of a spiritual perspective. Wich means that my belief and knowingness is that we are all part of a greater consciousness.
We are a oneness and we are separate (as in we belevie us to be separate and therefore we create that reality for ourselfes within the mind), we live in both worlds. That's my perspective.
I don't know how many share this perspective but to me that's the ground on wich I explore.
So exploring the concept of peace I see that in order for there to be peace, we must explore our concept of peace.
Peace what is it?
Coming from a perspective that peace can only come to reality by pushing against war, too me will only create a definition of peace.
So identifying peace with freedom, with free will and free choice will to me... create real peace.
In order for there to be real peace, peace (or rather freedom), must be chosen by individuals and by us as a collective. Stepping out of the mind for a second, the truth of the matter is that we ourselfes participate on this game of abuse that is going on our planet and we must ourselfes be willing to solve our inner crisis and explore more fully what freedom really is.
Without the vision and perspective of freedom as it is though a more expanded concept then just fighting war, peace will become peace from the mind's perspective.
The crux of this blog is that I am willing to explore peace as a broader idea than just from that wich limits our perspective of it. I hope you do to. Then we can expand this concept to the rest of the world.

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