Didn't sleep last night. Too busy getting last minute things ready for my Oregon mini-tour. Finally got everything together and left for the airport at about 3:00 am. Just slept on the plane for the two hour flight from New York to Chicago. All I need is to sleep another 3 hours on the Chicago - Portland flight and I'll be good as new. Ready for my concert today at 4:30 in Portland. Even though flying is such a pain in the ass these days, I really like to be going to new places to play my music. I used to tour with Mikhail Baryshnikov, and we had our own plane. Now that's high level touring. I used to joke with my kids, when I'm taking limos to the lear jet, then I have made it. But, for my kind of music, it's quite unlikely. And the carbon footprint of Lear jet travel, well, I'm not so sure I would feel good about it anymore. Anyway, for the moment, I am just thrilled to be playing solo piano concerts of my original music on really nice grand pianos. I will never forget how lucky I am that I love my work and that I am doing something positive in the world with my music.
love and peace always and everywhere,

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Comment by Margarita Bravo Campos on November 7, 2008 at 7:21am

It is really a pleasure ear your music, I could spend all day just earing how you play piano......... You have something very specialle: you makes me very happy becouse since I ear you I remember the presence of God.
Thanks for be part of my present.

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