Home is a place you go to find people who understand you. so here i am- at home. writing to you from 'home,' where who and/or what i am seems less important than perceived sustainability. no job? how will you pay your way? strange perspective? medicate.

family. always there to support, but not necessarily in whatever- in 'progress' only, as they define it. but what do you do when you don't want for yourself what your family wants for you? find a 'Family' that does. i don't need anything- i just want someone to talk to about what i think is important. i'm not- the World is. money's not, time's not, worry's not- Now Is. Today.

and Today I'm home. Thank You.



"Spontaneous Combustion"

Simply put, immediate engulfment- brought
On instantaneously, inexplicably- a
Light lit by Nothing. burning,
Arcing outward. supposedly source-less a
Reality (for a star).
Flaring- blue, red, orange & white on black
Luminescent fire; glowing, growing
Amidst space- Nothing- fueled
Reinforced, and enforced by Nothing
Exquisite: elementary education-
Spontaneous Combustion

"Practically Tempting?

Practically tempted- tortured knowingly- remembering
Reminded by prudently placed mistakes- sent
A signal somewhat disconcerting- twisted waves
Captured, processed- hallucinations. generally
Toward ‘right’ (some ‘wrong’)- all lovingly engineered
In advance? predictably human- perilously
Claiming a-lie-nation. remediation? remand-
An evaluation intended to capitalize on mistakes
Lively missteps meant as a meander past misery
Living freely, momentarily- permanently prepared
Yearning for action but not sure what kind
Totally clueless as to what ‘they’ have in mind, though
Eerie ‘coincidences’ prove positive trajectory-
Missing you- along the path this point glides.
Plotted haphazardly- geometrically guaranteeing,
Temporarily, a connection worth catering to- my soul’s only
Intent: to find my way back- a straight line to you
Never again willingly walk away, blinded. i’ve
Given everything up just to prove i’m not lying...

Nothing Definite"

born again- breathing, yelling
screaming at the top of my
lungs for someone to help me
steaming, warming up to the
world. seaming. sewing. seeming
senseless as i soundlessly
sort out solemnly incomprehensible
incompetencies of the day-to-day
doubt doled out on the daily
show of Empirical Tyranny- assimilation
attempts are antiquated as i illuminate
Nothing. you open your eyes to
see and see something else- even, engulfing,
elevating, elemental, elastic & all-encompassing-
a stream-
running rampant- silently- all around
and through all that is. surging- an
electrically eclectic current- elegant,
available everywhere sourcing simple
empathy expecting Nothing- it's all i
want. willingly wasted wit, 'time' & rhyme
Dismantling, Doctoring, disseminating- a
double agent- duly writhing, writing as
i go... getting.. closer. letter by letter
letting loose a lethal dose of being.
recognizing (at times bereaving) this
chemical dependence i have on your
existence- mindless as i miserably,
mother-less-ly endure Nothing-
only to explain it away. a way to you...
Nothing is only One Thing- EverytHING.
I need Nothing.

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