The Commitment to Fiction

The degree to which you are committed to your stories of the seeming past is equivalently the degree to which you choose to obfuscate now and constrain your future.

It takes a willingness to “let it go.” History cannot repeat itself without your efforts to make it repeat. And your efforts are merely that upon which you attend...aka the focus of your thoughts.

If it seems difficult to unlock or change your thoughts, don’t condemn yourself for the seeming difficulty - but, understand that your stories are servicing some invented need - be open to seeing what that might be.

One way to empower yourself is to announce openly and with complete sincerity that you and you alone are responsible for your thoughts. Then add that you and you alone are choosing the feelings you are experiencing.

Standing within this empowerment, you increase the likelihood that you will not desire to remain invested in someone else’s guilt. Remember that when you accuse anyone of anything, you are announcing your own guilt (to your self).

This idea cannot be constructed in any other way within non-duality. Repeating then, the assignment, the judgment, OF ANY KIND that you place upon a seeming other person labels YOU, CONSTRAINS YOU, LOCKS YOU DOWN.

Is this what you want?

The idea that you can condemn another, judge another, categorize another, deem another anything other than that which they are, and not receive these judgments upon your self is delusional.

What then do you want?

If you want, for example, your freedom, then see that quality in everyone. This is exactly how you experience it for your self.

It doesn’t matter if they appear constricted and not free; if you join them in focusing upon the seeming constriction, you make THAT experience real to both of you.

How come they appear constricted?

The key here is an idea called “acceptance.” Everyone chooses what they are experiencing. Unless they request your help, allow them within complete acceptance to have the experience they seem to be having.

Don’t judge what you appear to be seeing other than yet another seeming part of the whole which is PERFECT and WITHOUT BLEMISH.


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Comment by Nash on November 6, 2008 at 7:07pm
thank you -:)
Comment by Nicholas Truske on November 6, 2008 at 6:40pm
language - words that are definers - give labels so we can talk - i imagine now never having experienced a word - i know this as being - which is sensed by awareness . . . but words are here now too . . . to carry us off into ego self , or to be used in our service of being . . or ?
So then being is responsible for my thoughts - i choose to experience being now
I thank you Nash :-))

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