She Danced

There were days when she played

There were days when she cried

Her emotions have bled her but she wasn’t ready to die

She wondered for years why the pendulum must swing

To the left, to the right, her longing for her king

Where is he, what happened, where did she go wrong?

Each and every day, is she bored yet with this song?

But back then, she wouldn’t consider the simple, the light.

No, she judged every man, always a bit “off” in her sight

Where would she find him? Is it too much to ask?

Just one man to “see” her without her past

But her idea about herself was so profound

She hadn’t the ability to stand on the ground

She lived in the past, in the future, but never NOW

And if you told her you loved her, she angrily asked how

Would she ever grow or does she even want to know why

Her own thoughts have caused this lifelong sigh…

But her story is a good one, she wanted it that way

Confusing emotions no longer obfuscate her day

I watched and knew her, saw her come alive

She sat still in her silence and engaged her inner eyes

Acceptance and ease began to lighten her load

She judges no one now seeing her life unfold

Diamonds and other talents come to her in a dance

And the sighs turned to joy in her new innocence.

She wanted me to tell you that guilt isn’t real

Don’t buy it, don’t believe it, and you’ll finally feel

A peace and a grace that was always there

More than a woman, now a spirit too, ever aware…

I haven’t met you yet, but you’ve been in my dreams

You’re not so far away, or so it seems…


note - while I titled this “She danced,” not only the title but all the content could interchangeably be “He...”; within non-dual awareness, can there be a she distinct from he?


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Comment by Nash on October 30, 2008 at 3:18am
thanks -:)
Comment by reka on October 25, 2008 at 5:22pm
great poetry!!!!!

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