Hey, Jah, it is I and I again speaking to you and to ask that you allow for these humans to rectify what they have done to the gift you have so graciously bestowed upon them.

I and I apologize for that which they have so damaged in their selfishness and immaturity. Forgive them - for they know not what they have done.

In all the overstanding wisdom you have enabled mankind to have at their hand, they neglected to overstand the words of your way. Their societal mind farts fogged their visions of the beauty of their existence on this plain and their prescience in this multi-verse.

It's me again, Jah, as I fall on my knees today, asking (on their behalf) for a second chance.

Allow for the beacon of my Light to allow their eyes to envision YOUR Light. Allow for the many who are part of I and I to lead these naive lambs to the path of wisdom. Let our fold allow them the teachings and wisdom you have blessed upon I and I.

For mine eyes have no enemies within mine heart and I and I shall boldly go forth and allow for their gaining of knowledge.

Them people have trashed the home you have leased upon them and I and I shall pass forth unto them the cleansing tools needed to restore Mother Earth to the glorious Big Blue Marble you so graciously created in the day one of this space/time continuum.

I and I accept the responsibility of their understanding of what they have not overstood.

Yes, it is I and I again Jah asking that you allow us, whom you have blessed with the LIGHT to teach upon all mankind the healing and one love that should have been so obvious to them in the beginning.

I and I show you, Jah, on bended knee the respect that you have allowed I and I to have and to share.

Yea, though I walk in the shadow of political doctrines and darkness of the immaturity of this young planet, I and I shall hold no fear - for thy has blessed upon me thrice fold the knowledge - and I and I shall dance to the rhythm of your song and teach upon them the motions of One Love for all that is.

This I pledge to you.

I and I thank Luciano and his overstanding as stated in his rhythm "IT'S ME AGAIN JAH" for the daily inspiration his lyrics lay upon my knowledge.

Peace, people, peace.........it is such a simple thing to have if it is within your daily doctrines.

Listen upon Luciano's "It's Me Again Jah" on youtube -- I begin everyday with this rhythm. PEACE!

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