I believe in love_no matter what the cost
I believe good music_can offset any loss
I believe that everyone should for_give and forget
and that sharing of one's feelings is a positive outlet
I believe acceptance_should be a global goal
I believe that nations turn their backs and so grow cold
I believe our governments'_jus' haven't got a clue
I believe all that you need is right there inside you
I believe in Mother Earth, she follows all our lead
If it's what's inside that counts_she never will be free
I believe without a stand, our world will soon implode
I believe we're all responsible to bear that heavy load
So believe in yourself! Believe in someone else, it keeps
y'real...to let y'heal...and find the truth...bur_ied in you!

~Lisa Emery Irwin 9/05/08

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Comment by Motorcycle Hippy Al on April 17, 2010 at 1:42am

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