Fear is all around us, unlimited fears which are internal like fear of being alone, loneliness, being abandoned, fear of losing our loved ones and external like materialistic fears and fear of height, darkness, water and above all fear of death.
Fear has become a part of our being, many of us have the fear of being attacked, going out in crowds and with so many unpleasant incidents taking place all around, so many terrorist attacks and bomb blasts, some unavoidable circumstances like recession adds to our fears, absolute impossible situation.
It all bottles down to frustrations and we feel so helpless at times, how do we cope with the situation?
Actually external fears can be dealt with, keeping a brave front and facing the situation strongly, remain peaceful and calm in the worst of circumstances, however difficult it might be but not impossible.
Coming down to internal fears, its all in our mind, could be lack of confidence in ourselves or too much dependence upon others, be it society or people around us whom we are close to.
We also have this fear of relating to people, afraid that it might disclose our weaknesses but why don’t we see the positive side of it all, instead of the darker aspect, it might help us to rise to a certain level or give a boost to our ego so depends on how we handle a certain situation.
In a marriage or a relationship we have this fear of bondage, being tied down and we want to be free, well it’s just a state of mind, often a little adjustment and space can put an end to such fears.
Therefore, we have to learn to cope up with such fears, being part of our day to day lives and we might have to face them at every stage in some form or another, so we should be strong enough to overcome them in whatever way we can, and a fearful situation gives us more courage and strength.
Life is tough and full of challenges; a peaceful mind helps in such situations and of course a calm and composed approach always helps and that can only come with a matured outlook toward life.

Poonam singh.

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Comment by Wayne L. Christensen on December 19, 2008 at 6:45am
Fear has made me a stronger person and I have found it, or it has found me in many ways in my life. If placed correctly, presuming one has survived. They have become the thing of which stories could be told, as lessons for those who have not yet learned. But, I've known many who cannot move beyond the fear and as a result fear guides their lives. Overcoming fear has to come from something inside and if there is no will, then the fire that smolders within and strengthens the soul like steel being forged by flames, burns too low and the steel is weakened. At times it takes a patient loving hand to guide the weakened spirit to rekindle the flame and find the courage it takes to move beyond the fear. Thank you for your gift of thought and themed writing to open the sleeping minds----Wayne

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